tach for a 04 wr 450?

i just got a plate for my wr and am looking a a good speedometer and possibly one with a tach. anyone seen one or know if i can do that? info on suggestions would be helpful.

Best bet is probly a tacho that they use on the Go Karts, I havent experimented but since the WR's fire on the exhaust stroke as well it shouldnt matter that its for a two stroke.

...the WR's fire on the exhaust stroke as well...

THEY DO???? :thumbsup:

Actually most modern four-stroke cycle engines (including newer automobiles, lawn mowers, etc.) Use an ignition pickup that is triggered by crankshaft position, not camshaft position. This provides much more accurate and stable ignition timing and the "waste" spark given on the exhaust stroke doesn't hurt anything. Is is just simpler (and less expensive) to just let it happen than to engineer a way to eliminate it.

Yep they do, like bikepilot said it's just easier.

They also like to market it as helping emissions.

You will probly find that after a few rides you will get the feel of the bike and wont even look at the tacho anymore. Do you have a cable drive on the front wheel? If not you can just use a mountain bike computer as a speedo or for some more dollars a trailtech or similiar, these use a magnetic pickup

So, where could a person find one of those go kart tachs? Might come in kinda handy for those of us who intend on riding on the street sometimes. I was also looking for a speedo that might work with the existing odometer drive cable. Does anyone know if an XT speedo might retrofit?

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