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Dr650 with wp forks

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I bought a dr650, hated suspension and upgrades to 2008  ktm 505 xc-f wp front forks. I can work on anything, but I’m new to  bike builds and all the technical crap. My ? Is this worked great but at high speeds my front kinda shakes. It not the wobble, in fact when i loosen my grip it goes away. I’m loosening to the point im barely holding it. I have a brand new wheel with a tight bearing( which I don’t like). I can’t help but think that hugh axle is making the steering touchy at higher speeds. About 60 and up. It’s perfect other than that.






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Nice DR!  My guess is that between the sumo wheels and the differnt forks/offset, there is some steering geometry issues at play.  You'll want to try and compare rake/trail to a stock DR (pics from the side and draw lines in Paint or the like should be close enough). I find the DR's are really squirrely if the rear is too high, but that doesn't look like the case here.

Tight wheel bearing?  fix that.

Axle diameter has zero effect on steering other than dictating a certain minimum offset. 

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