Rebuilding Swing arm and Linkage

I am debating to go ahead and do the arm and linkage this weekend. I simply dont have the time, between honey doo's, mowing the lawn, walking me cat poop eating dog, keeping track of license plates from the dope dealer down the street (No Fooling Gad I love Neighbood watch), and finishing my Carb, I just dont know how long it wil take

Question for you that have doen the Arm and Linkage

Best Guestamate on how long will it take?

I am figuring 4 hours none stop

Just pulled mine apart last night as a matter of fact. You're close. Not counting opening non-twist off beers with channel-locks, probably spent 2 hours on disassembly and cleaning, but was taking my time and being thorough on cleaning as I go. Biggest time is going to be getting the swingarm bearings replaced, which were very "crunchy". Re-assembly will probably only be another 1 1/2-2 hrs after that.


It only took me like an hour and a half to rebuild me linkage - i just installed all new bearings. Buy the pivot works kit it works awesome

Yea you dont want to let those linkages go. I discovered that on day one of my week riding vacation. I thought it was a little odd that the SUSPENSION WOULDN'T GO UP OR DOWN!!! In the middle of nowhere and not a bike dealer in sight. I had been meaning to greese that. DOH!! :)

Nothing like tearing into your linkage at the campsite. Thank god someone brought grease.

If the bearings are still in good shape, then it should only take about an hour. When I took mine apart there was not much grease left, but the bearings still looked good.

Don't forget to take a look at the chain slider and do the mod for it!


AZ918MAN had a good point about the Pivot Works kit. I wish I had done that. My bearings were dry but salvagable. Ended up cleaning all that dry grease/plastic crap out then lubing and reassembling. Took me about 5-6 hours to do the job. The bearing kit would have saved me hours. It's one of those tasks that you dread but are glad you did it.

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Thanks for the info, I figured it would take me 4 hrs. I have all new bearings, bushings and seals for the linkage and arm.

I just dont have the time this weekend, unless I put in a 20 hr day, I dont do that anymore Im 45, I start breaking the horizontal bearier at 8 hrs, thewn the recliner at 9 hrs. after that im delusional

Well the delusional part is 24/7 :)

I have the bike pretty much apart so I dont know. I will get the Carb done though, Tuesday is the ride day so gotta be ready

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I waited too long one time on a YZ250 and it wallered (that's an Oklahoma word- wallered) out my swingarm so bad that new sleeves wouldn't fit. Bad thing to do it can hurt your wallet...

It takes me a couple of hours. The most time consuming part for me is cleaning it up once you get it apart.

Knowing EGO he probably has one of those ultra-sonic degreasing tanks that will take the clean up portion down to only a couple of minutes. :)

Do yourself a huge favor buddy and forego the multi level spectro-analysis on the races. Your throwing them away anyway. :D Dont forget the shock end bearings too.

Ego still going riding?Just found out tomorrow is my off day and thought i would go riding at me if ya want to hook up. :)

Blue one

Yah we are parking up at the pit stop, shoudl be there about or by 3pm

There will be a guy there with a 62 ranchero and a 2002 520 ktoom, He bought the ranchero for ktm parts :)

We will be in a white chevy WR and YZ, hope to see ya

The only Dude I remember in Mt View was Jim, I called him iindy becouse he wore the indiana johnes hats. He also was big time into the Boy Scouts. His girl friend now Wife was Aleah.


No Ultra Sonic Tank, Just Steely Dan I borrow from my Neighbors wife :)

Put that puppy on High and it will blast 1000 year old mud off a mummy :D

My swing arm is in still good shape so I opted not to do the bearings and all. I bought all new so no look see, just through away

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