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Video: 2022 Honda CRF450R First Ride Test | Refinements From 2021 Model

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Kris Keefer and crew went to Glen Helen Raceway to test out the 2022 Honda CRF450R. Since the 2021 model was the first version of the new generation CRF450R—and COVID-19 has impacted all parts, shipping, etc. aspects of the powersports industry—there are not many changes from the 2021 noticeable updates to the 2022 model. Keefer says there are two big refinements to the 2022 CRF450R: the revalving at each end of both the shock and the fork (which helps with the rigid feel of the chassis) and different ECU settings. While the differences might not be night and day for a rider hopping onto the 2022 from a 2021 model, the updates are evident when coming off older machines. Keefer’s advice if you are a vet rider/weekend warrior type of rider and want a new generation Honda: if you can find a 2021 model for less than the 2022 model, then go with the 2021 model because you will not notice the updates (Note, this might be difficult due to dealerships getting their floors wiped clear lately). But if you are coming from an older machine and want a new, advanced bike and don’t mind spending the extra money to get a 2022, go for it!

Keefer is also joined by self-proclaimed “A vet rider” Kris Fagala. Fagala rides a KTM but provides his thoughts on the Honda, then compares differences to the KTM models he usually rides. For Fagala, who owned several Honda models in the 2010s, he did notice the updates to the chassis compared to the Hondas he once owned. Fagala’s biggest takeaway with the machine was its predictability and how you always know what you can expect. Watch the video for their full break down of the machine. Film/Edit: Spencer Owens

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On 9/11/2021 at 7:22 AM, woodsguy2000 said:

On older 450's seems like I had to put a washer behind counter shaft sprocket to run an o'ring chain. Is that still needed on 21/22 models??

Yes. Put a new oring gold chain on my 22 250R and it rubbed the cases. Needs to be a narrow x-ring type chain. 

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1 hour ago, willbilly said:

DID VT2 narrow O ring does not require spacer on Honda. Great chain. 

They've replaced it with the DID 520 ERVT. Lighter and stronger and, of course, a narrow enduro chain. Plus gold chains look sweet!

Garage pic so you can't really see how sweet it looks but you get the idea. This is the 520 VT2.


CRF450R rear sprocket and chain.jpg

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