They're in!!! SWEEEEEET!!!

I just squeezed my feet into my new Alpinstars and man they feel nice! :):D:D

I bought a pair of Alpine Tech 8's a couple years ago for racing. I wear them on the occasional trail ride at some land I own and they are so comfortable I usually end up wearing them all day, even for the hikes that always seem to come up on these rides. I have a strange foot though so they may not be so good for everybody, but for me they are a perfect fit.

Just got back from Riding today with my buddy

and his brand new 03Honda CRF450. We both wear Tech 8's, really Comfortable, Supportive Boots..Easy to walk in too..We were breaking the

bike in on some great trails and it sure runs

good! He is most pleased!

My Tech8's are just now breaking in. All I can say is.... Ohhhh they feel gooooood ! I thought they were a bit tight the first hour or so but am really starting to like them. I never liked boots but I do like these.


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