Clymer or Yamaha manual?

Send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you links to the online version of the '01 manual. you can print it out.

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Idaho426 I have the yamaha service manual for the 01 YZ426 that I will sell you. I just sold my 426 and I am selling the service manual. I am selling some things in the TT for sale section and I forgot all about the service manual until I read your post. To answer your question, I only had the service manual and I was able to figure out most most of my questions with it. If I couldnt figure it out from the manual then I could usually fill in the gaps by either posting a question here on TT or using the search function. I agree with EGO though, if you can afford it get both. Also, some guy posted mosted of the 01 service manual in bit-map form awhile back. So you might be able to download that for free and just buy the clymer manual. Then you would have both.


Check your pm's. Idaho


I got a used '01 without an owners manual. Which should I buy, Clymer or the Yamaha owners manual.

Thanks :)

I bought the clymer just to complement the Yamaha Manual.

You can never have enough information...

Get Both

I always give the service manual with the bike when I sell my bikes. It belongs with the bike as far as I'm concerned. Why don't you just ask the guy who sold it to you if you can have it, he probably just forgot about it. Also comes with rebuild kit and stand, maybe he'll give you those too, if he still has them.

Mine did not come with a rebuild kit. Maybe that's a non-US option?

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