01 Yz426f vs 00 Yz426f (Questions)

what are the good points of a 01 yz426f compared to a 00 model. and what are the bad points of each. i dont know much about 4 strokes and i also have some questions.

whats a rev limiter ??

how do i know when valves need adjusting ??

i also get confused with all these chokes and hot starts and [@#$%&*!], which one do i use and when ??

You will know when you hit the rev limiter when your WFO and the bike starts cutting out its just trying to keep you from grenadeing your motor. If it starts harder than normal or your getting some abnormal clicking ya should probably have your valves checked also if you've never done it you probably should just for piece of mind :thumbsup: Pull the choke out when the motors cold(the black button) Pull the hot start if ya stall it(the red button)

HEre is the break down:

Both bikes need help in jetting. THe 00 more than the 01. But the JD jetting kit and BK carb mod will help.

Brakes: Rear is the same 240mm. You can just swap the 245mm disc from the 02 model (made the rear brake less sensitive for me). Front the 00 uses a non-floating style disc (solid unit, no rivets holding the inside to outside). Also the 00 uses the Akebono master cylinder, the 01+ went to the Nissin. easy swap there.

Motor: 00 has Stainless valves, 01+ gets Ti. The stainless are more durable. 00 uses a key to hold the counterbalancer, 01+ uses a spline setup. The splines are better, but there are plenty of 00 bikes that never had a keyway problem. Each year of the 426 Yamaha drilled out the internal parts to make them lighter. We are talking grams here, so nothing bike.

01 gets BNG from the OO on the tank.

That is the major differences. If you get an 00 update the front brake system with a floater and Nissin MC. Either bike a JD jet kit and BK mod will help tons on the jetting. I have mine dialed in now and do not use the hotstart anymore. Fires right up like a 2 stroke any time. a ZipTyRacing fuel screw helps you fine tune carb easily. I have also installed the auto decompression exhaust cam from the 450 motors -- highly recommend this mod.

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