WR450F - New owner with perm-a-grin.

What a great site. I Found Thumper Talk while doing research on the WR450F prior to getting one, and have hit it almost every day since then. Lots of great info and posts. Love the pixs of the bikes.

I'm a teenager in my late thirties that needed a new toy. I have always felt that when you buy a new dog, you buy the BIG DOG. So, I wanted a new dirt bike and bought a 04 WR450F, and get a smile on my face every time I think about it.

Love the tourqe and power, and the only thing I've done so far is take the cork out.

Had not been on a dirt bike for 20 years. I think I'm doing ok on it because it has only bucked me off once so far, has something to do with objects in motion tend to stay in motion and non moveable objects, but we won't go there. Took it to the mountains a couple of weeks ago and had a blast. Climbs hills great, put it in 2nd gear and up you go. The logging roads with the kelly-humps are a hoot.

Going to have a hard time picking between the bike and the paraglider each weekend.

Have a couple of questions, if I may.

1. What is the BK mod?

2. Does everybodys WR take a while to warm up enough so that it won't stall.

3. Who has the best replacement bars?

4. Who much differance does the YZ throttle stop make, and should a novice make that mod?


Welcome to TT and congratulations on the purchase of your new toy.

If the 04s still come with the throttle stop that only allows you to open the throttle half way do this mod immediately. You can either go to the locale YAMAHA shop and buy a YZ stop or take 11mm off of the WRs. The part # you want is 5JG-14591-00. After doing this you will think you have a new bike all over again. Also this is a mod you can do yourself.

Enjoy :thumbsup:


I've had mine for a couple weeks now and wear the same grin as you. :devil: Do the throttle stop mod NOW, that's a "can't live without mod" at no cost :thumbsup: It will awaken the beast that lies within. Also look into doing the gray wire mod, that helps too.


the bk mod is a modification to the accelerator pump linkage that allows the accelerator pump squirt to be adjusted by turning a screw. it is named for tim ferry's mechanic, brian kinney(hope i got the name right). it isn't needed on '03/'04 450's.

the bike will warm up easier when it's broken in.

the handle bar issue is kind of complicated. you have a solid upper triple clamp. you have to stay with a 7/8 inch bar or go to an after market upper triple clamp or a pair of adapters. the best deal for good 7/8 inch bar is from rockymountainmc.com. look at the aluminum tusk bars. hi-cr is probably the most popular.

go ahead and get the new throttle stop. be ready for this thing to have alot more top end. if you want to save a couple bucks you can cut it yourself (as mentioned above). don't just take the stock one out.

try checking out offroad.com. they have a wr450 project bike in the dirt bike section. it's an '03 but most of the mods apply.

have fun,

I have bought a new 450 this year and It is fantastic.

I just want to know if this grey wire modification applies to Aussie bikes. I have taken out the baffle and replaced the throttle screw. It hammers now !!! Will the wire give me more power?? :thumbsup:


I just bought a WR450 two weeks ago. Instead of filing the throttle stop, I just bought the YZ model. Since this was my first bike, I was a bit unsure about doing these mods myself. The throttle stop mod was very easy. If you had fun with the bike stock, this mod will have you redefining fun.

You will find a lot of TT members here love their WR450's.

Welcome aboard and dont be afraid to do the proven mods. :thumbsup:

Congrats on your new bike. I have a 04 WR450F I bought in April and I totally love it. It really amazes me all the people on this forum that have problems with their WR's. I haven't had one single problem with mine and I do ride it pretty hard most of the time.

Even with the issues the 2003 model has had, I still love my bike! I haven't regretted it at all. :thumbsup:

I'm a WR450 newbie also and new to the TT forums.

I have been using this site for info for months before I got my bike and thought I'd just chime in and say hey.

My WR stopped stalling out after I got about 200 miles on it, I was getting worried for a little bit.

Next on my list is the airbox and throttle stop mod you guys all rave about. My baffle got so hot it just snapped the set screw and had to be removed after my second day of riding, too bad I'll never replace it...LOL

Mine is street legal, with just the brake light mod and no-directionals... cops love me....

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