I am just wondering why my post about my bike for sale keeps "disappearing"...and yet the Honda side has several posts about bikes for sale in the subject line, as mine did. Yet they have been there for oh, a couple days at least.

If we are not supposed to advertise ANY bikes for sale, then I suggest the mod that runs the CRF forum needs to do his job better. If not, then I would appreciate that MY posts not be removed.

The rules should apply to the entire forum, not just certain ones, and if I can't advertise mine here, then please remove the ones for sale from all the other forums. :)

They all got moved to the 'For Sale' forum, I saw at least two and left you a message on one. Had fun at Cross creek today, but my other post covers it so I won't repeat it.

That is right, all the For Sale notices should be posted in the For Sale forums... then they are clear and distinct from the other posts...

I should imagine that the others on the CRF forum will be moved shortly...



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