2003 450F vs. 2003 250F Suspension Interchangable ??

I have a 2003 250F that I spend major bucks on getting my suspension set right for my skill and weight. I would like to put that suspension on my 450F. Can I put the 2003 250F Shock on my 450F and can I put the 250F Forks on my 450. Are they interchangeable"?

They're interchangeable but they won't be valved/sprung correctly because the 450F weights more than the 250F.

So in a word: No

I currently have the stock suspension on the 450F. (.47/5.2) I went to the Race-Tech website and plugged in my information. It recommended .47 on the fork springs. This is exaclty what I have on the 250F. and 5.6 on the shock spring. That is also exactly what I have on the 250F. I ran the suspension real stiff on the 250F and want to back down a bit on the 450F.

Will the valving be a big issue. I don't know much about that?

yes it is all interchangeable.

Changing spring rates for the bikes weight difference is much cheaper (if needed) than new suspension. The valving differences can most likely be compensated by the clickers or changing the weight of the fluid -- that is if anything needs to be done.

So do you recommend I change out the suspension on the 450 with the revalved and higher spring rate I have on the 250F. I spent about $700 on a stage 2 system. Or should I just have the 450F suspension redone?

Siers, your best bet would be to put it on the bike and try it out. You will know then if you like it or not. :thumbsup:

That sounds like a great idea. I think I will make the change. Thanks for the insights.


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