2004 YZ450F

Hi everyone, I'll be picking up my new bike this week or beginning of next week and I was wondering if I made a good decision. Anybody has one and regrets it? Should I wait for the 2005? Any issue with the 2004 production? Thanks guys! :thumbsup:

No regrets, its a great bike, I was looking at the WR, the CRF and the YZF and went with the YZF. With any of these bikes thera are dislikes and advantages. You will play with the gearing a little bit depending on the riding you do. Other than that hang on its a man beater. :thumbsup:

Oh great, thanks a lot. This is it, I shall get it by friday!! :devil: It's gonna be a nice week-end I think hehe :thumbsup:

I bought mine 2 months ago and I ride it every weekend. The thing beats me up. It's my first dirt bike, (quads all my life 'til now). I love th :worthy:is machine. Not one complaint. Couldn't ask for more.

Same as always with the YZ450F, don't even ride it with the stock chain, and buy a decent set of handlebars. Otherwise, you'll be happy.

I bought my YZ450F a month ago and have been to Lake Elsinore a few times and a few other play rides. I am very happy with it. I have seen several posts here suggesting that the bars should be changed. What difference will the bars make? What is wrong with the stock bars that I am missing?

They are just junk and wont hold up in a crash. It sucks to ruin a day riding by bending the bars in a slight wreck. I am tall so i went to bigger bars before riding. Other than that it is a great bike.

By a bigger bar do you mean a wider bar? I am 6'3" and wonder if a wider bar would be more comfortable? I hate to waste money trying to find out.

Replace the wimpy chain, tires and handlebars and all will be well!

I'm 6'4" and I don't know about wider bars but, I went to a higher bend it is definitely more comfortable besides like said earlier the stock bars suck and they will bend most likely in the first wipeout.

Just went ridin this weekend. Goin pretty much every weekned. Every time I ride i'm thinkin one improvement to the stock bike. Suspension. Did mine whith Race Tech. If you are not 175lbs you ought to rework it. Replace the bars, chain/sproket ... when $$'s are available but do the suspension first :thumbsup:.

Yahoooo this is it! I have the bike now in my shed. I went for 2 rides up to now and I like the bike, better than my wr426 '01. The only big difference I noticed was the 1st gear was much higher...Suspension are obviously harder but its a yz and I like it. Did several jumps and it lands good. I'll problably add a bit of sag, I saw a small bump under my muffler yesterday, like if the rear galiper hit it. Anyway overall good bike. Thanks guys I'm going for a ride :thumbsup:

lol that dent is there so the rear caliper doesnt hit....dont worry

Ohh good thing then, I tought I did the dent lol!

I'll be doing my first oil change soon and went to the dealer to get an oil filter, it cost me 17$ CAN!!! :thumbsup: I can get an oil filter for my car for 5$ lol. I'm just wondering if anybody knows a place I could order filters cheaper than that! What type of oil would you recommand, I got some yamalube left in my shed but after that I'll problably switch to synthetic....which one is the best for the buck?

I got a question concerning jetting, when I ride in 2nd or 3rd gear and let the engine rev high but without accelerating, I can feel some rattle, like if the engine skip an explosion, as soon as I twist the throttle it goes away...I live in Nova Scotia pretty much on sea level....am I too rich or lean? Thanks people!

dont use synthetic to break it in........about the 2nd or 3rd change use synthetic. i only pay 11 for my filters at my local dealer, and i know there are alot of places on the web you could find them cheap, but make sure to get something name brand. i bought a cheap one once and when i took off the filter it, well wasnt doing its job. also sounds like you might be a little rich, try putting the needle on the 4, clip, instead of the third.(stock)

might be a little rich, try putting the needle on the 4, clip, instead of the third.(stock)

that'll make it even richer

I don't think you have a jetting problem at all. My bike does the same thing when I'm going down a road maintaining the same speed. The cam lift and duration on theses bikes are made for one thing POWER not smooth comfort. In a V8 hot rod with a large cam they idel rough and sound like they will die any second, and don't run as smooth as a stock cam when just crusing at a given speed, but they acellarate faster with a "bigger" cam. The yz450 comes stock with the "big" cam. It doesn't sound too bad at idel because it idels so fast compared to a car engine.

I have the same bike, and I love it! The front feels so light, it's hard to keep the front end down!!! I had a 426 and this bike is 100% better. Not to mention it looks cool at the track. The suspension feels smooth, already saved my ass a few times, while making a few jumping mistakes. My friends hate it, because I am roost :cheers:ing them all of the time now, LOL

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