Sacramento Riders

Just got my new DRZ400 but i dont know anyone who rides dirt in the Sacramento area. Though i would hit up the list and get my name out there. Just looking for someone to ride dirt with. Give me a call at 916-505-4272 or email me at

Hey tim it is pretty late so I wont call. But I am thinking of going up to foresthill tomorrow to break in my new bike. Want to go? Email me at

Just an fyi,, Never post a personal number on the web, I feel the same on emails but thats your choice.

I dont do either unless I PM, and then I stilldont put a personal number.

A forrsthill run would be too cool, It would have to be planned though.

How about someone getting a TT-California Anual forest Hill run going...

I would be in for a foresthill run.I love that place.I ride up in sac all the time i will pm ya to see if you want to ride with us next time i go. :)

Well it looks like I am not able to go to foresthill or anywhere that has a green sticker requirement. Right now my bike doesnt even have a sticker and when it does get one I know it's going to be red. Wish there was a way to get around that, I just want to ride.

Ego, I agree about posting personal info on the internet. Email is ok for me though, I have several email accounts. One I use so I can post it all over the internet. :)

I am going to find out how well they are checking stickers. If I think I can get away with it a TT ride at Foresthill sounds great.

Not sure how we can get this started but we can probably get a Calif-TT'rs runt o forest when the red stickers are good also.(Schedual Wise)

Any help on getting a 1st Annual run to Forest is helpful..

I would say lets get a consnensous of who would go and start there...

I didn't know they enforced the red sticker.last time i was there a ranger happened upon us while taking a break and checked for spark arrestors only.Well he did tell my buddy he was done since he had a hole in his baffle. :)

Hi again,

CISCO - a fellow TT'er just so happens to live within minutes of the place.

See post:

2 weeks ago I was up there on a Sun-Tues trip and didn't see any rangers. I did see a Two-smoker yamaha up there and I know he was red sticky.

I am going again tomorrow (Sun - Tues morning)

I will check around and ask others if I see any.

I am all for a ride at Foresthill - anytime with you guys.

I had a great time riding there. I can make any Sunday - Monday and perhaps for this special occasion get a Saturday off too.

Next Sunday - 8/4 - 8/8 I will be camping there again and actually be taking my family. Come on up !!!!

Count me in


Oh yes.... I have a RED sticker too

Forrest hill? ill go let me know :):D:D

Hi fellas,

I am going to Foresthill Sunday staying until Tuesday morning. I should be up early enough to ride some on Sunday and all day Monday. (camping at Morning Star Campground)

I will be looking for anyone to ride with !

This place is heaven I tell you !


I'm gonna be at prarie city on sunday.

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