Off Subject - Lance Armstrong not an athlete??

I am not the world's biggest cycling fan but this article just pisses me off!!! This reporter states that Lance Armstrong is not an athlete and that he is merely a guy who just pumps his legs up and down.

Check out the article at the following link:

I can't believe it. What are they gonna say next, that motocross riders arent athletes??? :)

Ron Borges is a idiot.What else do you expect from MSNBC???Thats why I only read :) We report.You decide.

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i will definately agree with you guys that he is in fact an athlete. I mean c'mon, cycling is a very trenuous sport, more so than tennis, or golfing!

The guy is just trolling for a response. Maybe his readership is down.. I don't think it's any different than Jim Rome saying something controversial, to get more morons to call in .

The best thing you can do is just ignore it.

Yeahhhhhh Lance is a puss. Everyone knows a real athlete only rides in golf carts. Another way to spot a real athlete is when they're socks match their bowling ball bag.

hehehehe Lance,,,what a puss!

That guy is a dick. lance is way more in shape than any base ball player. i think base ball players don't do crap. they run a few times and that is it. bike ridding and moto cross are much more physicly demanding


Lance Armstrong is FAR more of an athlete than Jordan, or any of those other people he named.

Not only does the guy have a resting heart rate of about 40, but he does all of this for FAR LESS then the demanded 20 million dollars a year for the stupid football and basketball and baseball players. THOSE guys are not athletes.

I noticed there is no "Send us your thoughts" link on the page.

Originally posted by fastkevin:

The guy is just trolling for a response. Maybe his readership is down.. I don't think it's any different than Jim Rome saying something controversial, to get more morons to call in .

The best thing you can do is just ignore it.

Exactly!! I never would've heard of this guy until his lame story on Lance. They're is so much more to cycling than pushing pedals.

What a low blow after all that Lance has been through. This guy could never match Lance's acomplishments in a lifetime..

Cyclists can't afford to be on drugs like Baseball players and Football players. Their performance would suffer too much. (IMHO)

DL :)

I doubt, with beating cancer, that lance armstrong is on drugs.

First off....ummm, brainiac, don't you think they would do drug tests on the 4X winner of the Tour de France?

Borges is simply jealous of Armstrong and his accomplishments. Ron Borges is way way way overpaid (he shouldn't be paid at all!) and couldn't probably ride his bike to the local grocery store and back. Unless you have competed in bicycle racing, you cannot BEGIN to comprehend the intensity and pain a bicycle racer goes through.

Take your motocross races, lengthen them by 2 hours, and thats a mountain bike race.

When I first started riding/racing motorcycles, I found it to be EASY as far as stamina, and physical ability came. I had been racing a mountain bike for 2+ hours as hard as I could go....crap, a 15 minute MX race was just a small warm up!

Oh well, if people aren't carrying a ball, it's not a sport I guess.

What a crock of ahhhh.... poop... As if the guy was not a complete idiot already, he calls marothon runner non athletes as well. I am a cyclist and a runner, and i can tell you as a well known fact in the medical community, the best "athletes" out there are... u quested it, runners and cyclist, as well as all other endurance sports. Armstrong is not the best athlete in the world, thats held by Miquel Inderaine, a cyclist, resting heart rate 32. I bet bonds heart rate could only get that low before he died. God all mighty, what an idiot. And to call baseball players athletes????????? hold my my beer and doughnuts please.... i gotta go up to bat. Find me a good cyclist or runner with a gut and i will fly you to the moon on in my honda.

The only excercise the guy that wrote that drivle does is walk to his car. What a dud. :)

The only question I have is- why did I actually read that tripe?

Note to idiot journalist: Lance Armstrong won his fourth consecutive Toud deFrance. I'll wager any amatuer bicyclist or even a recreational trail rider (mountain bike or off road motorcycle) has better physical conditioning than that talking head. Let a "professional baseball or football" player (notice I did not say athlete :D ) try to keep up in fitness with a professional cyclist or top level off road rider. No contest; they are over paid and pampered whiners. Lance Armstrong is a true athlete, hero and American. To hell with the liberal left journalists. Ride On!! Lance :) , show the whimps we can come back frim adversity.


Bill Barnard

(A proud disabled dirt biker that did not listen to the doctors)

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I know what it means to be disabled and in pain. Not an athelete OK How about almost a God then a real life modern miracle. A man that don't even understand the word quit. Lots of a$$holes get degrees in journalism, sure as hell don't mean they know what they are talking about does it. He's my personal hero. oldasdirt :D:):D

MSNBC should just be avoided all together. If you watch their homepage for a few days, you realize that most of their material is opinion columns on news (not the actual news) and is written tabloid style.. if you want news, CNN is very good, for one. :) PS - Baseball is where ALL the big sports stars come from, since they ALL use 'premium' fuel :D

What I sent:

Lance is not the greatest athlete in the world. He is the greatest athlete that ever lived. Racing is the oldest and purest form of sport. Ball sports are recent and contrived in comparison. Most fans of ball sports are just beer swilling spectators. Most of Lances fans are athletes themselves.

By the way, baseball isn't even a sport. Get this, most of the time almost half of the players are sitting down, while the others just stand around. One guy throws the ball. Another ocassionally swings at it. On the rare instance when he hits it, there is a brief flurry of activity. No one runs wore than a few yards. This is exciting?

Yeah, its a hell of a thing to be able to throw a fastball at around 100 MPH. But I think that plays more to the lumberjack comparison. Outside of the good old USA, no one really cares.

An athlete must be fit. When one of the top players can drop dead from cardiovascular disease, and no one even knew there was anything wrong, what does that say about the demands of that "sport." Do you think anyone in the Tour de France could compete and be in that wretched a physical condition?

Face it, baseball is a joke.

If you have a moment, share your thoughts with the editors at MSNBC by emailing the following address.


My email is sent. My own small effort for cancer survivors...

depends on how you define 'athlete'. I agree with Mike, but I once heard a pro golfer describe himself as an athlete..... :)

Lance doesn't need to justify himself to those people that don't understand what he's achieved....

I lost my rag on this one too. I even hate roadies :) (I mountain bike) but this guy is a moron - I actually sent my first email of protest in my life after reading his drivel.

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