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Stem cell treatment - 6 month update


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As promised and to recap. I had stem cells extracted from the hip socket and injected into the following areas with current status:

Left hand trapezium and MCP joints - As I previously stated this was working out fine UNTIL I was doing some yard tilling and the tiller hooked onto something and sent the thing sideways taking my left hand/thumb and yanking it severely. It has since been about the same as before I got the injection AND yes I'm still PO'd at myself!!!!

Right hand index and middle finger knuckles - As I previously stated I have bone spurs in these and the injections IMHO have made the situation worse (I actually think that it may have caused the spurs to grow more). Some days I can barely move those fingers and it takes a long way to get ANY dexterity in them!!

Left knee - As I previously stated the knee was causing a lot of pain and I had looked into further surgery. I would say the knee is about 85% better than before. I haven't stopped abusing it and "rarely" does it give me an indication that something is amiss. Now how long that will stay is anybody's guess.


My bottom line.

If you have a joint that "still" has some meniscus/cartilage I would recommend trying the stem cell treatment before any surgery.

After thinking about the bone spurs, it was probably not a good thing since the idea of the treatment is to grow back anything (bone, meniscus, etc.).


Note: I never stopped riding MX from the day of treatment, just early on I took it a bit easy on jumping.


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I wish you the best with your recovery. Tillers are so grabby they can yank your joints badly even without an injury. I got T-boned by a car on my bike and copped a broken glenohumeral joint in August, and I also need to get the tiller going. I think I will wait till next year, thanks for the heads-up all, the best mate.

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