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2021 Yz125X brakes weakened

2021 YZ125X

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I have a 2021 yz125x I got it last October 1st 2020 and the back brakes were pretty sensitive as in I didn’t have to press on them much to slow down and come to a stop. Now it’s September 14th 2021 and my brakes are kinda weak and I rely way more on my front brakes than I used to, which yea I figured out It should’ve been equalized use for braking but moving on, yea my back brakes aren’t very strong anymore and I was wondering what solutions I should be looking at, preferably at low cost I can’t keep pulling from savings, like  what tests should I perform to determine the problem, I heard about bleeding my brakes I wonder if I should look up how to do that, or it’s been almost a year should I just look into replacing the brake pads if so how would I do that and what would I need for it? Or just what are your suggestions to what I should do?

If it’s any indication from last October to now I’ve probably ridden my bike I think 60 or 40 hours that’s the best I can think of really, in reality I don’t know at all and it could just be 20 hours but 60 hours is the safest I can suggest incase I need to focus on checking more than just my brakes. 

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Also check if the rear rotor is bent or wobbles as you spin the wheel.

If so, it will pulsate the pads/piston and make for mushy brakes.


While your rotor doesn't show signs of it, if your riding habits or posture tend to put 

constant pressure on the brake pedal and are dragging the rear brake ever so slightly, that also will create fade.


If necessary you can adjust the pedal's height, grinding the clevis' stud allows for even more adjustment (lowering)

When riding in the standing position, I find I'm prone to accidently activate the rear brake pedal unless it's been lowered a bit.


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Bleed brakes

Check that the rotor is not bent.

Grease caliper pins, (where the caliper mounts to the bracket not the pin for the pad) 

Clean the rotors/pads with brake clean,, make sure you don't get any soap or chain lube/oil on the rotor or pads when washing or do maintenance.



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