Alright everyone. I own a '01 426 and I am wondering what exactly are the best maintenance schedules for this bike. Like, what should I pull off and clean, when, how often, stuff like that. Any input would be great!


lol so much for that. oh well

Blue Bird

Lots of stuff to do in accordance with the owners manual. I have two air filters and change it after every days ride. I change the oil every three rides, change oil filter every 6 rides. Tighten/check spokes every other ride. Check torque on all bolts every ride. Lube cables every 3 rides. Wash bike after every ride, good time to look for damage. Check chain after every ride.

I am sure others do more. Some may do less. This works for me.

Good Luck

Thanks for the reply! When we bought the bike it didn't come with an owners manual because we got it used. I used to have an XR and I was really wondering if there is anything else I would have to do with this bike vs. the XR....thanks again.


Also check for leaks every ride, check your tires pressure, adjust it if needed, and check the color and the level of the coolant every ride too ! These check-ups will result in much future years of enjoying riding your Yamie ! :)

What color should I look for in the coolant? I heard from one dude once something about cleaning out a part in the carb? I'm not exactly sure what he was talking about but he was talking about dirt gets in it and causes the engine to pop some. If anyone knows about this lemme know.



I would suggest you order the manuel for the bike. It has lots of helpful info and should be worth whatever they are asking for it.

just my opinion,


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