Converting to LED's ???

Seems like I go through about one rear dual filament bulb in my baja designs brakelight every week or so. How can I replace the bulb with a LED? Is it worth the hassel or should I just buy stock in a lightbulb manufacturer and make my fortune? Is there a trick for dampening the bulb socket so it does not shake the filament apart when its burning.

Let's hear all the tricks you got! Or...somebody want to go in half on a pallet of #1187 Bulbs? :thumbsup: TT bulk buy maybe!?

There shouldn't be a problem converting to LED's, just make sure you get good ones. The cheap ones at most parts stores are hard to tell the difference between running(half-on) and brake(full intensity).

I found some good ones at The other thing to remember is to get the largest one that will fit in your application. I don't know what will fit in the Baja Design's taillight. I have the UFO integrated taillight/turn signal piece wired normally, and I also left the stock taillight on as an additional brake light(only on when the brakes are used).

Hope that helps

I just got an LED for my 650r from Baja Designs. Really nice. Definite difference from running to brake light.

Sweet! I did'nt know BajaDesigns had a kit out. I'll check it out, Thanks! :thumbsup:

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