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How much is a yamaha yz144 2004 year worth?

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He will get someone to pay 2500. I wouldn’t. The yz125 market is stupid. The new YZ is 6500 ish. But they want 2500 for a almost 20 year old bike and god knows how soon the bottom end will go. You can rebuild the bottom end but my experience is they are never as good as stock from a reliability standpoint. I would put the 2500 down on a new one. Payment on 4000 would be less that 100.00 a month. Or just save up the rest. This is assuming you stick with the yz125. For some reason that bike has a stupid used bike market. Good luck

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What motojunkiedan said...

I'd also add that whether it's "worth it" depends on a lot more information than you've given us. If it is the exact right bike for your intended use, your size, etc. then maybe it's worth paying a bit over market for that bike. But if you're compromising in any way, there's not a chance I'd pay 2550€ for that. There's a good chance you'll have to spend half that again to get it into good shape (suspension refresh, bearings, bushings, clutch, engine, etc.)

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