Z-Start? Who has one?

What do you guys think of it? good's and bad's? :thumbsup:

What do you guys think of it? good's and bad's? :thumbsup:

Do a seach in any forum with the word or words rekluse zstart

Lets just say this, the zstart is the number 1 mod in my books to any bike.

once your ride a bike with one, you are and become a willing member of the Church of Rekluse :devil:


I just recently installed one, and although the installation did not go as smooth as I would have hoped (see my posts on the subject), I absolutely love it.

I was also thinking about the 2003 cam mod for my 2000, but I think it is no longer necessary, since the only reason I was interested was to make it easier to start. Since I don’t stall with the z-start I don’t think the investment would be worth it.

I would agree with John, the z-start would have to be one of the best mods, if not the best. I just hope it stands the test of time.


I've got one I've been meaning to sell. I'm one of the original dudes they used to refine their design. I do mostly mx/supercross type tracks and don't have the patience to dial it in anymore. I'll probably sell for $150.00. Includes the external adjuster too. Might need a few parts from the rekluse dudes (perhaps some extra shims) ... I'll get it all together and post on the for sale side. But if you're interested, holler.

The goods......

Easier for me to ride for longer periods

Doesn't stall

Allows me to concentrate on other aspects of my riding.

The bads.......

Easier for me to ride for longer periods (no excuses for stopping, everyone knows I'm fat and out of shape)

No stalling (see above)

Allows me to concentrate on other aspects of my riding (I actually notice the hot chick rippin' it up on her raptor doing donuts in the sand instead of that tree trunk I should have been worried about getting over.) :thumbsup:

If you are riding tight trails with your YZ/WR. GET ONE!

It brings my YZ426 to a hole new level :thumbsup:

If you puree your veggies you can stop chewing too :thumbsup:

What do you guys think of it? good's and bad's? :devil:

something that hasnt been said yet (i dont think)

the goods - the clutch actually makes the engine act like its bigger or more powerful, since it slips whenever the rpms are too low or there is a heavy load on the clutch. "explode out of corners with perfect clutch feathering, every time" - rekluse aint lying. :thumbsup:

bad #1 since it slips alot, it will build more heat. but that can be adjusted with less spring tension.

bad #2 unless you have the lever override, your stall speed adjustment will be a comprimise at best. you can adjust it to let the motor lug without slippage, but when taking off up a hill you will need more rpm to engage smoothly.

i run really tall gearing and taking off on a steep hill makes my clutch chatter. :devil: but its because the clutch engages too early for that particular situation. therefore all i need is the override lever for a perfect auto clutch. :awww:

- notice that both bads can be fixed -

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