2002 XR650L opinions ??

My buddy just bought the above with 3800 miles in great and stock condition. Any must do items or suggestions with it. I have a drz 400S and the XR seems like it is really being "choked" we don't want to make it loud or do a bunch of mods just some opinions on the model itself and any simple suggestions.......Thanks

Just do a search here on the 650L and you will get a vast group of old posts that will tell you all you need to know. There are some simple things you can do to make the bike run right since it is way to lean stock and will improve overall useability once you set it up properly.

Go join the Yahoo groups XRL group (XRLUG) They can walk you through any and all mods or tips.

You are looking for info on:

remove snorkel, drill slide, shim stock needle, better air filter, don't use the K&N/baja designs/dyno-jet jetting kit.


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