scare of a lifetime

thur. evening[5:00p.m.] after riding a little over 125miles of stanislaus national forest me and

my buddy decided to try shortcut along narrow mountainside trail to save some time getting

back to my didnt work out to good i clipped a manzanita bush with my right

handguard.i did instant 90` turn off side of mountain.luckily i wasnt hurt to bad just a lot of

scraps and bruises.i ended up about 25ft. down side of hill but bike went about took

me and my buddy 2 days to get bike back up on trail.we ended up leaving bike first night

[after 3 hours of trying to get back up on trail it ended up sliding 25ft farther down than

when we started]we rode doubles back too my cabin[15 miles singletrack[difficult]and

crossed the south fork river then 2 miles fireroad in dark with no headlight]next morning we

had to ride doubles back out to bike over same terrain while packing 2 "come a

longs",250ft.rope,bunch of tool and small igloo cooler[it was over 100 degrees both

days.]area where i crashed was full of old mines. the whole mountainside was strip mined so

dirt was almost like sand.we were in middle of national forest and i had to crash in the only

spot where there wasnt any trees to hook the "come a longs" too.we ended up using the

same manzanita bush that i crashed into to winch out bike. its took us a while but we got

bike back up on trail and even got a few hours of riding in after.all in all it was good

adventure [definetly scared the hell out of me]

Damn Freestyle !

That sounded like a close one. Glad you and the bike were ok. I bet it was a bit*h getting the bike pulled up that hill. Can you say MILLER TIME?


the scarest part was when i tried to bail off bike as it was going over and my boot or pants hooked on kickstarter and pulled me right back onto the seat.i tell you that 25ft felt like a 1000ft. it felt like everthing was in slow motion until i was finally able to hit eject buttom and get off bike.a think the toughest part about pulling bike up hill was having cumalongs with only 6ft.of cable.we had to stop secure bike with ropes release cumalong and pull out cable and re-attach every 6ft. it seemed to take forever with sun beating down on us.we didnt see any other riders in 3's a tip if you ever need to winch bike up hill remove foot pegs and tank if its possible.pegs dig into hill making it harder to pull bike.without tank bike is lighter and its easier to attach ropes or cable to frame.

if any of you are familiar with deer creek\crandle peak area.i was on ridge between mt.knight and ruby burn heading towards lyons cabin is just above lake.across hwy108 in Odd Fellows.when we left riding that morning our goal was to make it from my cabin to Arnold or Murphys using fireroads and trails only.we almost made it but couldnt get across stanislaus river.the only way across that we could find was parrots ferry bridge which is blacktop so we turned around and headed towards beardsly lake to see if there was any trails near Strawberry pass that would take get us over river onto bear valley side of mountain.

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I had that happen once also, but not hear that bad. We were able to reach my 96 XR 600 with two tow straps tied to gether and between three of us pulled it back up to the trail. Your's was definately scarier!!!

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