Tryng to get a west coast NorCal SoCal TT ride together

Ok so since there is an East coast annual TT ride, Lets start one here on the west coast.

I am willing to try and get the thing started. I would assume if it were a California 1st Annual TT run we need a few things to start with

<ul type="square">[*] Central Location in Calif., for SoCal, NorCal, Nev., Org can come and whom ever[*] Must accommodate Red Sticker Bikes[*] Must Have Camping[*] Families Allowed[*] Volunteers

So PM me if you want to help out and get this orginized.

Central Location could be Forest Hill in Sacramento Area, Red Rock (Desert) BakersField, Mamoth in Bishop.

All good areas and plenty of parking. We could shoot for a ride Date of Weekend of Sept 13th or Sept 20th So Hogh Scroolers can come

Plenty of time to get thing going and sorted out..

What do ya say?

If the Mods would nt mind pointing this to the other forums that would be a plus

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that would rule!

could we plan it over a weekend so us young guys still in school can come too?

Don't forget Clear Creek, or CC Camp. Good riding and camping available plus no red sticker hassle. Just a thought.

EGO that would be cool.I am game either weekend let me know when and where.If you need any help shoot me a pm and i will do what i can.


Yeah, CC camp or Cow mountain!


I may be interested if it doesnt interfere with my race that our club is putting on.

It is on the 28th and I think setup is on the 21st

But if not then I would love to talk my neighbor into it if he could bring that "DEER HUNT" bike!!!


Let me Know

I am on vaca from the 20-30th

but the race may affect it :)

Not to mention I may not even HAVE a bike, or rather, thumper by then.





Meditating , trying to visualizzzzee.........






uuuuummmmmmmm! :D

Were is CC camp or cow mountain

I think Clear Creek would be to north to be centralized....

But then Camping is free and its only an 1 hour drive for me

ego, cow mountain is in ukiah. theres tons of places to camp including a very large dry creek bed. it also has 125 miles of trails ranging from beginner to advanced and two staging areas.

I can show you guys all the good trails :)

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how about knoxville area near lake berryessa.i have trailer in putah creek resort its only 15 minutes from riding area.i really dont like sleeping in tent and need my cable tv at night.does cow mountain have Holiday Inn?if so do you if they have HBO?

Ego, CC camp is by far some of the best riding you will ever see. pretty centralized if you taker into account the oregon and washington riders thart are on TT. Oh, yeah CC camp is in upper lake, about 3.5 hours from where I live now, used to live in Santa Rosa, and I grew up riding there thats how I know about it. IMHO CC camp is way better than Cow mountain. Neither are bad, just CC camp has tons of awsome trails and soft loamy dirt afer a rain, Cow mountain is rocky and dusty seemingly year round, but closer by about 45 minutes. Of course clear creek is cool and closer to me so I wouln't mind that either.

My vote is for Bishop CA. it is a little warm in Sept. but the riding is unlimited. Has anybody been to Coyote flats? It is west of Bishop and has good trail riding. Also the white mountains are close by. About 5 or 6 hours from Bay area ,and 5 hours from so. cal. anyway thats my suggestion.

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tripod,i ride bishop once in a while its good riding.i dont think it would be good place for first annual tt ride only because after first day of riding we would need to send out search party to find guys riding there for first stomping grounds are deer creek/crandle peak,frasier flats,hull creek,clavey river and dodge ridge\sierra grandstand areas but i wouldnt suggest these areas for a large group of riders especially if some riders dont have a lot of experience riding in national forest.there are lots of unmarked trails and everthing looks the same which makes its very easy to get lost and so spread out you can ride all weekend and not see another rider.i say best place to ride is EGO's backyard.when it comes to a barbacue ive heard Ego's the can view and download CA.ohv maps off my url here is the link MAPS AND REGULATIONS FOR CA. OHV'S

I agree with Freestyle

If we are to get a run going it should be and have accomidation for all. Level of experiance and so on.

If we will be bringing our kids / family then that is a concideration also.

Forest Hill is a good starting point, I think Bishop is good but as freestyle points out it is easy to get lost there.

Clear Creek in my mind is no good I do not want to be breathing that dust unless there has been some rain, then clear creek would be the spot.

CC & Cow Mountain sound real good also DeerCreek area were Freestyle has a pad.

Is cc the same as Clear Creek or are they two different places? I was in Mammoth Lakes last month and they have put an off highway vehicle map together that is very good as far as showing distances and a brief description of what each trail difficulty is. The amount of riding is not as vast as some other places but it should provide at least two or three days of riding. Plus there is the Hot Creek, lakes for fishing, plenty of motels/restaurants, or camping if you like. I have not been to the web site but they do list one on the back of the map. or 1-888-go-mammoth, you could probably request a map from them. Ask for the off highway vehicle and mountain bike map. How does this sound?


I thinks cc is clear creek but want confirm

Thanks for the Mamoth Update

Also those that have info on the following

Forrest Hill

Cow Mountain

Red Rock (Near China Lake Weapons test)

Send it along

Thanks to Freestyle and Tripod fo rthe info so far

I just went to the web site and the riding is not very challenging, looks as thuogh we would be sharing the trail with suv and mt. bikers, could be worth a try. oh yea my vote is for the weekend of Sept. 13

How about Kennedy Meadows? Try not to make it to far north! There are alot of SoCal and Arizona riders that would like to make it!

Send me info on it. I want it central state or as close as possible

I am going to concider Central Calif From San Benito County East to Mono Lake


San Luis Abispo to Inyo (Owens Lake)

But forrest Hill is runing 1st right now

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Ego, check out they show you some great ridden areas. Let me know what you think, Kennedy Meadows is a great place!

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