Tryng to get a west coast NorCal SoCal TT ride together

Here we go

It looks like Clear creek is pretty much Central

Here is a map


Along with a Website of the place from the BLM Hollister office

There is Good ol reliable Hollister Hills there is Camping, Monteray near by and a great GP track up above we can researve next year if we hire a ambulance get insurance and sound chk at 96db dang

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Yeah, and we could set up a Meeting Booth, and people could pay like $2 to meet Ego, or punch Ego, or whatever. Just think of the revenue we could generate in support of the West Coast Meet. :)

I know it would motivate me to come if I could meet Ego in person.... I emphasize the "meet".

But seriously, I can't make it. Already going to Crested Butte in August and a trip to North Cali would be expensive from Phoenix. Maybe next year though.


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CC Camp and Clear creek are not the same place. CC Camp is in lake county, north of Cow Mountain.

I would pay 2 bucks to see if any one could punch me. Specially you AromaAll

And al the help I gave you on the Forks, Next time go fork yourself :)

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Clear Creek has great trails and hills to climb, it is east of King City. I rode there last September it was still plenty hot and dusty. It was once an asbestos mine!! I read the sign after we rode! :) Some Rain would help alot. Does anyone know how bad the raw stuff is? I know it can't be good.

The area was mined for the short fiber asbestos, long fiber is the known killer. I have never ridden at Clear creek in the summer becouse of that, But winter months talk about traction.

There are specific areas that are clearly marked as hazardous. It is th eplace to ride whenits moist and wet HUmmmm :)

I dont think Clear Creek is the place we want to be....

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If I didn't know any better I'd say you took me seriously. Well, I was joking. My stab at Ego humor I guess.

I was implying that, as you know, some TTers don't seem to like you much. So instead of a handshake, they'd be looking for a swing. No one said you couldn't bob and weave. If they miss, they still need to pay $2. Maybe we could throw ina clause that said if they do manage to hit you, you get an opportunity to hit them back...

Ok, bad idea. But seriously, I was joking man.


We could put EGO in one of those dunking booths and pay $5.00 for a shot at dunking him. Then donate the money to the Blue Ribbon Coalition. :) Just kidding EGO just trying to help our cause at your expense. :D

Seriously though, I am up for a trip. It has to be on the weekend and staying away from asbestos sounds good too.

Ego, I am short on time right now but if there is anything I can do to help get this ride going, let me know.

I know that it was a joke :D Geez

Ya think I dont know, some of these guys will come just to put me butt on the ground or take a swing :)

Thats ok, if that Their mentality so be it, it wil be hard riding a bike with a broken elbow and nose

Hey I would be willing to do that?

Thats a great Idea?

Or Maybe you can hang me from a tree like a pinyata and for a buck a swing ...


Lets just go with the dunk tank

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Instead of a dunk tank, how about a full and ripe portacan? You better bring a tipping guard Ego... :)

cc camp is pretty spread out and last time i was there i dont remember very many trails being marked.i think if you want to make it fun ride for everyone you need to find place with well marked trails and staging area that is close to where people will be riding[you can then designate times of day to meet there for guys that get lost,bike breaks down or just want to do there own thing part of day but still want to meet and hang out.honestly even though i hate hollister its probably best place for have trails for all levels,large enough not to be bored and centralized camp grounds makes it easy to meet up with other riders in if there was just a way to get rid of all the idiots that ride down there i'd be happy.i can stand when im sitting in campground eating my lunch and idiot comes speeding in into camping area and locks up brakes sending dust everywhere or the parents that are to lazy to take there children down to kid's track and instead let them ride mini's thru everyones camp grounds.last time i was there a couple little kids were speeding around campground on there little 50's and one of them ran right into bumper of my truck.he had to be taken to hospital.hollister sure seems to attract a lot of moronic riders without manners or common sense.if greenies wanted to make moving illustrating maniacs on motorcycles endangering the people around them.all they need to do is set camera up in hollisters upper campsites on 3 day sure they could get all the footage they want.

maybe the west coast ride should be in so cal. there is much better places i think for little kids to ride around in the dez and not have to worry about them getting hurt. i have not kids but thought it was an idea. also i'm in if i can get it off school. collage boy can't miss much class.


Forest hill does sound good i have family near by in Auburn........ and hey what about a convy of trucks meeting somewhere in southern cali and fallowing up?

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Freestyle is correct on the Hills thing, I have had to at times walk to a camp and ask very politly to have the kids stop racing in the pits.

That is one of the bad things there. But the good thing is, there are clearly marked trails from beginner to advanced, good staging area's major camp area we can researve (Old MX Track)

Con is its small, two day you see it all, 70+ miles I think of trails, TT track, Freestyle track, vintage MX track, Quad Track and cow trails.

Forrest hill seems to be the most duable spot, Can some one PM me or post Camp site info near Forrest Hill, plus riding area info, I can not find it.

If that is not a good spot the only other areas would be the desert down in San Bernadino

I think what ever area is chosen maby a TT member could actually set up a loop with small amounts of ribbon or something to keep from getting people lost. I know I could do this at Middle creak(aka CC Camp) or at Cow mountain. I know a guy who knows the trails very well and I know my way around pretty good. Could put together a nice long loop.

Theres a small area for kids in the middle creak campground and a pretty long creak bed to play in. The riding is very good.

Where I live here in Lakeport is also some shopping for some wives and theres always the Lake.

Personaly, I think it would be alot easier if it was made a trip for getting plenty of riding in and not have to worry about kids and wives (I have both and both ride). Unless they are good riders and can somewhat keep up.

DOnt get me wrong. I have a great time with them riding and stuff. But its also nice sometimes not to have to think about anything but pure riding with a bunch of buds.

Just some thoughts. Ride on.....

Middle creak Cow Montain and CC is too far north, I think.

We would like to try and stay mor centralized. This would give Nevada Oregon SoCal and NorCal easier travel time.

Forrest hill from a Nev perspctive, I would say is = to the drive time from Oregon.

So my 1st choice is Forrest Hill

And your idea of the Markers is a good one, I have ridden Forrest a couple times, But I figuire there area few people on TT that ride the SAc / Forrest alot. So placing Markers up is a good thing.

To take it a step farther colored markers for Experiance level

If this gets pulled of in this short of time it will be a small miracle

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Foresthill has about 90 miles of trails all marked with loop number and difficulty. There is camping in a couple of the staging areas with bathrooms being about the only convince. There is also a private campsite area by the lake but, I am not sure of the convinces there or the cost. In foresthill the town they do have gas, grocery store and bars if anyone is so inclined. For kids and the wife they would either need to ride, hike around, or at the private campsite you can swim in the lake for three bucks. I do have a map of foresthill I will see if I can scan it and post a link to it for all to see.

Oh yeah i will bring pops rv if anyone needs somewhere to sleep. i think it can slepp 9 people let me know if you need somewhere to crash.



Blue one

All info will be good info. If the Camp site can be researved, then I would think it shoudl be done ASAP. So if I dont see ya this after noon in the hills scan it otherwise bring it with you we can get it copied at the ranger station or pit stop

Where is forrest hills? Anything closer to the south? San Jose is in the middle. Somewhere between 3-4 hr drive from the south.

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