Tryng to get a west coast NorCal SoCal TT ride together

Forrest hil is just out side of Auborn above Sacramento.

This may be the most Ideal spot for Nev and Oreg riders. I know it may be a little longer for SoCal 2 - 3 hrs more. BUt Forrest hill is a awsome place to ride....


Here is a trail map of Foresthill:

You may need adobe acrobat reader, if so download here:

You can RV at Sugar Pine and/or Morning Star campground. NO RIDING in Morning star campground -you have to push to and from front gate. The good news is there is a trail right there.

Minimal free campgrounds at Parker Flat. Parker Flat and Sugar Pine are really close. A trail connects them.

All trails are clearly marked and are generally what I would consider easy, to moderate riding. Mostly 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear stuff with nice dirt/gravel roads to open up and cool off. There are plenty of tight single track type trails some with tree tunnels. I haven't tried the hardest loop yet but there is enough to accomadate all riding levels.

See this link for private campground with a stocked (with trout) lake and free hot showers !!

Also have 100 campgrounds and two large group campgrounds:

There are several areas you could camp off the dirt road right past Morning star campground if you like ruffin it.

I just received a map of Cow Mountain and Stonyford. I will scan and post when I get a chance.


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I hate to be a downer but you guys will be riding in silty dust if you go before it rains. The dust there is the baby powder kind that hangs in the air. We had to space out about 2-3 minutes apart because of visibility. If people are driving hours to go riding plan a date after it rains. The riding is excellent when moist. It sucks bad when its dry.

I Vote for Foresthill or Stonyford. Has Anyone considered coming up to Southern Oregon? We have an area that we maintain personally with over 100 miles of trails, and nearby camping on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River.

This would be a great place to organize a west coast ride for riders from WA, OR, CA, ID, NV etc... It is right off of IFlorence and Sour Biscuit Fire shouldn't reach us. It's still about 15 miles away!!

Oh yeah, here is the link to the camping facilities ( directly across the Rogue River from one of our staging areas)

Indian Mary Park ( On the Wild and Scenic Rogue River)

Oh, and there is no green or red sticker hassle. These trails are on BLM land and for the most part privately built and maintained.

dirtdgr,marking trails with ribbon is good idea but if we did that it would be considered race or competition event and we would be required to get permit.ohv riding areas are very strict when it comes to marking a course with ribbons.especially when its for large group of riders.

Well this might put a little dampner on using Foresthill.

When the server is up, it basically says due to high fire danger, many things are banned including internal combustion engines other than use on paved and gravel roads until the end of fire season. I think fire seasons ends somewhere around October or November. :)

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i guess we better make it Thumpertalk's first annual westcoast mountain bike ride.i myself never pedal when i can twist throttle.

what about elkins and gold note in eldorado national can see maps of their trails at my not sure about there red sticker situation.

Thanks to Big Blue One, for getting me the Maps of Forrest hill. These links are a pooply done scan and patch by me. They do give you the general area of the place and whats available.

Blue One, Thansk again, much appreciated and was real good hooking up with you at Hollister, Look forward to more rides.

SO here are the links, One thing though, Hollister is a small place by comparison, but I can researve an entire camp site for a weekend for the TT run in Sept. Hollister Hills is a good place, dusty but they all are this time of the year. Good food in town, a small lake to fish at about 6 miles down the road, staging areas, showers and latrenes. so your call

Hollister or Forrest HIll?

web page--Forrest Hill Information

web page--Forrest Hill Map

Or Hollister

web page--Hollister Hills

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" Operating an internal combustion engine off National Forest System roads and trails, except for the Prosser Pit Developed Off-Highway Vehicle Area, and boats or dredges on a water surface. 36 CFR 261.52(h."

Doesn't this just say you have to stay on trails and roads.I am trying to call the rangers office to verify this. have a good day fellas. bluegrab.gif

EGO,you forgot to mention the delicious microwave hamburgers that they you can at the pit stop in hollister.i dont think there is anything as nutritional as frozen burger after hard day of riding.luckily that is just about only thing you can get to eat insdie hollister's riding area.hopefully ego will invite everyone to his house for barbacue after ride.he his the greatest.


No But I did mention

Hollister Hills is a good place, dusty but they all are this time of the year. Good food in town-Not Egos House

Hollister has a open riding area, a National style MX track open for speciasl events, and a 4 wheeler only area. Good site for this event but- it is dry and dusty right now. Wait until it rains!

The upper track or the GP track is only researvable after all the "Traditinal Event Holders" get there pick of dates. This is done in Nov of each prior year. We would have to supply our own paramedics and fire brigade, plus get permits from the city (And I knwo Me City Officials, Its greased da Palma Buddie)

So the upper track is not an option.

Hollsiter may be an opetin only to get the first one going, then by word of mouth on how much fun all those that did not show missed, we could stage another in forrst hill, oregon SoCal or Nevada. I am just lookin gto get something going, from there who knows what will happen

I just need to knwo who will help and where to have it. Hence these posts, I thnk there is enough info here now to determ Forrest Hill Or Hollister. It would only be a two day event "Officially"

Hollister has 64 miles of trails, I rode 4 hours yesterday with Big Blue One and my Buddie accross the street, we covered 20 of them only in the lower ranch. So believe me there is plenty of ride in the hills......

outside of getting some rain in Sept there is dust in every OHV here, so goes the weak?

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How about Hollister's sound check EGO? I know my bike for one won't come close to passing, if they are making it mandantory. PS - We could always do Pismo..

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I just got off the phone with the forrestry service in Forrest Hill

The post earlier jschner does not pertain to OHV legal bikes, so Forrest Hill is open at this time, unless of course a fire starts.

There are regulations on open camp fires but in the designated camp grounds only permited.

So we have Hollister and we have Forrest Hill


Pros Hollister

1: Hollister is 5 minute drive for me :D

2: Hollister Down Town 5 min away

3: Facilities showers, toilets ect

4: Can researve Madrone Campsite (Major Space)

5: 64 miles of trails

6: 2 MX Tracks, 1 Vintage 1 Freestyle

7: Great place for families

8: TT track

9: Quad Track

10: Many Mini Tracks isolated for 90cc and under

11: More Centrally located for all, personally I think its best place for 1st TT run)

12: No red sticker inforcment

13: San Justo Resiviour Fishing, picnicing


Cons Hollister

1: Sound chk maybe, maybe not very iffy (Could probably negotiate with Rangers)

2: Dusty in Camp sites

3: Stupid parents in Campsites lets kids race in pits (mainly Weekenders)


Pros Forrest Hill

1: Tahoe National Forrest (Need I say More)

2: Campsites

3: Awsome riding

4: Plenty of Room

5: Auburn, forrest hill nearby

6: Resevior to swim and fish


Cons Forrest Hill

1: 2.5 Hr Drv for Me :)

2: Major Fire Danger (daily updates on Fire danger)

3: Red Stickers inforced on Fire Days (If Rangers See you)

So I think its time for a vote

Just reply or PM me

Hollister or Forrest hill?

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I vote foresthill.But i will go to Hollister i don't really care as long as i'm riding.I just hope i don't have endo flashbacks at hollister :) .


Ego let me know if you need any help.

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