Tryng to get a west coast NorCal SoCal TT ride together

EGO,i know nobody has ever accused you of being the sharpest knife in the im not totally surprised you still havent figured out the way to solve where to ride problem.i tried to let you get credit for organizing this ride but your screwing up big time.I guess DADDY is going to have to pull your butt out of fire again.So,here is the answer "if you wait 2 weeks and have Ride sometime in Oct. we can have ride at almost any area in calif.Oct.1 is when riding areas open to red sticker reg. vehicles.there are a few places that are nov.1 but most are we will most likely have gotten first rain by then[no dust],if your worried about younger riders missing school,they start first week of sept, anyways.if there not 18 they should have adult with them,unless you are going to be are welcome Ego,your Daddy has spoken


Your as erogant as I am, if you did not have your cavity between your ears full of air you would have understood what I said for Forrest Hill

Red Stickies Will be inforced in the Fire Hazard area if it is a danger. So whos your Daddy :)

Anyhoot, I figure Forrest is the place, I am giving time for those that want to speak up to do so.

Just dont forget to bring the Catalytic conversion kit :D


ya I know about Oct, unfortunatly I cant make that month, So this is why I posted Hollister and Forrest hil for Sept.

If ya want you can help instead of being a dreg

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who cares if you can make it?i thought you were doing this for west coast tt members not just you.your always just thinking of yourself.what if 30 more riders can go in oct than in sept?since oct is no good for you its out of question.somtimes you got to take one for the team.put your EGO aside and not be selfish. :):D:D

Its aside

Ok you do it, your the one squaking about Oct

Go ahead get it done, all the leg work is there all ready

Plus I figure Oct would be starting to get a bit cold up there and I did take into concideration for the kids.

But hey you will be warm and fuzy in the motel 6 with HBO wontchya


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as long as we can have barbacue at your house.where we ride really doesnt matter.HEY EGO,I will bring the WEINIES you supply the BUNS.would you like mayo on yours?

I just rode Hollister today.

Very hard packed, very dusty.

Upper trails are trashed.

Not the best place until some rain hits the area.

Reserving the upper track would be the coolest!!!

freestyle wrote: "as long as we can have barbacue at your house.where we ride really doesnt matter.HEY EGO,I will bring the WEINIES you supply the BUNS.would you like mayo on yours?"

EWWWWW.....a little pent up homesexuality maybe?????? :):D

One more chance to speak up you say? Ok now I will be more blunt. You guys will be riding in silty dust so bad that you will have to space out about 2-3 minutes apart at Forest Hill. I wouldnt ride if it was 1 hour away. If people are driving several hours away they will be sadly disappointed.

As far as Hollister, it too will be dusty and square edged everywhere. They do groom and water the tracks on Friday but most will probably ride on trails. The dirt is more chunky and less silty so dust will not be as bad.

After it rains Forest Hill is the best and Hollister is nice but overridden. My advice is to wait until it rains! I will fully support a ride after the rain hits!

Well I agree with the rain, DaveJ was in Hollister today I was there Tuesday maybe there again sat.

Upper track is off limits unless one of the millionairs here want to pay for permits, paramedics and fire brigade.

I was hoping to get soething by summers end, if not then we can opt for Jan, Feb, march of next year, plenty of time to plan then.

I am willing and open for suggestions at this point. I have a few people who want to help

Wylie, Big Blue one and Fryboy have offered.

Freestyle just wants to piss and moan about his fantasies :)

So I dont know at this time :D

im sorry ego i was just messing around.i will help.i think we should get advice from whoever organizes east coast ride it seems they would know exactly what it takes to put group ride not very good when it comes to this subject.for past few years my biggest concern has been getting away from crowds not trying to organize them.i will do whatever i can to assits in making this ride happen.i have maps and regulation for many nor cal areas.ive also ridden almost every area from as far south as octello wells to as far north as fort sage ohv.any questions regarding ridings areas ask and ill try my best to answer.

Here is information about Clear Creek:

Early September is deer season in Clear Creek and there are a lot of idiots with guns down there. Not sure when deer season is over.

Wouldn't worry about the asbestos too much. Been riding there for 30 years without a problem. The active asbestos mine, in operation for 25 years, has had no one contract and asbestos related disease.


i still got the stock exhaust on my YZ250F, will that pass Hollister sound tests?

How about some awesome desert riding out here in Nevada??? By September the temp. will probably have dropped to high 90's.

Seriously, I would like to come but driving 8 hours one way just doesn't seem feasable for a 2 day weekend.

Thanks for the invite though Ego, take lots of pics and be safe.

30 years

HUmmmmmm Lets see ingestion period of 45 + after exposure

Clear Creek is out of the question unless its wet.

Asbestos is asbestos long fiber or short.

DOnt get me wrong Clear Creak would be great to have it. But


No Facility

No Town close by

No Water

Nuts with guns

Guns With Nuts


Great riding

Here is the way I see it...

Freestyle in his infinit wisdom :) brought up a good point on red stickers and Oct when the restriction is lifted. So I am looking at orginizing this but only for the convieniance of all TT'rs,dont want it to be the Ego Benifit Ride Do I.

this means:

1: Red Sticky Ban Lifted Months

2: Dust or (Earth Wind and Fire) :D

3: Location (Forrest Hill, Definite)

4: Time and Dates (Refers to #1also)


I have 3 others who are helping, anyone else is welcome to join (Just PM me with Your email) I have a spam list for it :D

With all the info in these replys, it has caused me to re-think the approach to getting this started.

Stay Tuned.... :D


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Ego, just set a date,time and place.whoever goes goes and if they dont big deal.there is know way you can find time and place that will be good for sure if someone really wants to be there they can find a way to rearrange there schedule to make dad used to tell me "if you dont like it thats tuff sh1t""unless you want to do this yourself you better shut the hell up" "if i wantto get anymore sh1t from you i'll just sqeeze your head you little punk""now get out of here before i smack you" dear old dad you've got to love him


Explains alot :)

I will be posting next week hopefully

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