ktm vs yam

I just got a 04 ktm sxc625 lc4 for dual sporting, no mod's yet, 26mi. I really like it so far but! I can't stop wondering about the 04 WR450, I've thought about trading but only if I'm 100% convinced, I'm a Senior-A harescramble racer an have raced offroad since 1978. I know the WR will satisfy my offroad fix but does it hold up goin town to town? 500-1000mi. dualsport trip's etc. any comment's

Yikes... 500-1000 miles... keep the pumpkin!


My street legal wr400 is no fun on the street other than poping wheelies

Yikes... 500-1000 miles... keep the pumpkin!


im going to 2nd that.

the wr is amazing in the bush, on the track, on logging roads, stunt riding, and in town. kinda sucks for anything more then 50-75km on the highway..........that is unless you wheelie the whole way :devil:

i think you need both bikes. i know i do :thumbsup:

500 miles!!!! Forget about it! Sorry... :thumbsup:

I'd do it. The WR would surely go the distance but my :devil: wouldn't be right for at least a week after :D.

I've had my WR on some 200-250 mile trips around the LA, MS, FL gulf coast area and the thin/hard seat was the only issue for me. I just did some long stand up wheelies when I needed to give my :awww: a rest :lol:. The sportbikes riding with us would open it up and leave us behind from time to time though :lol:. The rev limiter on the WR kicks in around 94-95mph BTW :lol:.

Oh yea, they do wheelie great on the street. I can get the front wheel to come up in 5th gear if I stand and give it a little bounce :thumbsup:.

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