dynojet satge 1 kit?

I just installed a stage 1 Moose dynojet kit, I used the stock spring, DJ needle 3rd position and a K&N filter. I can feel the throttle response and RPMs bulid faster but still have a hesitation off idle and at low rpm when I whack the throttle. My kit did not include a pilot jet though I have seen other posts say they got one in their kit. What gives? did I get robbed or do some kits not include a pilot? I feel that I need to go up to a 55s should I buy OEM or stick with dynojet stuff? :thumbsup:

When Baja Designs sells the Dynojet kit, they add a pilot jet to the kit. As far as I know, other vendors don't.

Michaeln is right. I have the same kit as you, no pilot came with the kit. I went to the dealer with my pilot in hand and picked up a 52 and a 55. Your going to want to drill your slide 5/32 in each hole next to the needle hole also. That will help the hesitation a bite. Your best bet is to get the 55 pilot.

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