First Enduro

Well I've been riding my WR for about 3 yrs now and thought it was time to ante up and enter my first enduro. What a BLAST. The timing thing was a little puzzling at first but I just stuck like glue to the guys in my time slot and it all seemed pretty logical. Luckily it was extremely dry and I had been given ample time as a 'newbie' to arrive at the time checkpoints so no bother there.

The course was approx 100km much of it twisty turny single track and trees. I dont have much single track near where I live so that was somewhat new to me, but waaaay fun, as well as avoiding trees which I mostly managed to do with one notable camber turn on a lumpy 4x4 road with embedded rocks... quite near the start and with the adrenaline thumping...causing somewhat excessive speed...but a biiig grin. Anyway back to the off camber...too much speed, hit a bump which sent the front into a slight slide (too high tyre pressure and too stiff suspension didnt help) and all of a sudden the bike is in a washout slide which very nearly recovers, but didnt, and anyway now I'm heading towards a clump of small trees. :awww::lol: Fortunately I wasnt going that fast so when I hit the tree head on with the bottom fork tube clamp (bike was at a 45 degree angle to the vertical) it stopped dead....I carried on of course and then I stopped dead by my pubic bone slamming into the handle bar mount. Ouch. Lucky not to slam the family jewels on the tank...thank god I stand most of the time...

needless to say, that HURT. The guy behind me stopped as I guess he had seen it and although I was bent double I managed to wave him on. After I stopped jumping about and swearing I checked the bike. NO DAMAGE at all. The only mark was a little bit of tree trunk mashed into the allen bolt head. :thumbsup::devil:

Onwards, but with more adrenaline and less speed!! For a while anyway.

After that it was just amazing. Terrain was slightly hilly. Lots of rocks and tiny paths with boulders, tree trunks, etc. My grin was back again quickly. Then there were some high speed paths through some fields. WOT 5'th gear. Woooo hoooo. Back into the woods twisty turny stuff. Awesome.

The only other problem I had was the beginnings of arm pump. The first hour was a little difficult and I had to concentrate hard on gripping the bike with the knees as much as possible, and sitting down when possible (I probably stood about 90% of the time). As time went on though, the arm pump disappeared and I was able to finish without any problem.

Anyway, just had to share my first impressions and encourage anyone toying with the idea to take the leap. Its a great day out !!

Don't know how I finished, had to leave before the results were in, but I didnt get any time or other penalties so its down the time trials or 'speciales' as they call them over here.

sounds like fun. i would also say, if you are toying with the idea of racing in the bush, DO IT. it is a good rush if your body can handle it. i personally am not too keen on the timed events {trials}. i like mass start full speed events. but both are fun. :thumbsup:

Nice story Missile. Roost on! :devil::thumbsup:

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