Another Compression Loss/Recover

Just finished lots of work, including setting valve clearances (only one intake slightly tight). After getting everything back together NO COMPRESSION. Pulled it back apart, re-checked and came up fine. Back together and still nothing. Loose enough to kick it through without de-comp lever.

Did a search here and found others with similar probs. Kicked it through for awhile (numb foot) and finally got it to start. After warming up it's now back to normal compression.

Just thought I'd post another description to warn others not to freakout when it happens to them.

i wish there was a definitive answer on why this happens! lol :)

Thats a real wierd problem,last time I noticed I could kick through the comp. stroke w/o the lever I found that I had installed the carb slide UPSIDE DOWN.I always wondered why it did that???

Things that make you go huuuuuummmmmm

that happened when i changed the plug! I thought some dirt got down in there and stuck the decom lever open. Just kept on kickin, started and back to normal. I hate probs w/ my bike.

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