Ferry to ride 03 YZF450

Read this on motonews:

Tim Ferry is about to race the 2003 YZ450. The bike won't be legal for AMA championship racing until 2003, so he will debut at Saddleback Park on Monday, August 5th during day one of the Surfer-Cross. The annual Surfer Cross featuring top surfing and motocross racers will be

held on Monday August 5th at Saddleback and Tuesday August 6th at "Trail 1" in San Onofre State Beach. Start times for both days are 8:30 am. The competition pits surfers vs. motocross racers on a track one day and in the surf the next. Totals are added for an overall winner and year long bragging rights. Asked about his chances for winning the 2003 Surfer Cross, Yamaha racer Tim Ferry said he hoped "for huge jumps and small waves." Ironically, the #1 Plate/Board? holder in Surfing, CJ Hobgood, said he hoped for "small jumps and huge waves

You Cali guys get all the cool stuff!


So why did not vegas post this first?

Isnt vegas Tim ferrys Campaign manager?

Isnt Vegas Ferrys Biggest Stalker I mean Fan :)

Just razzing Vegas having fun



Ferry has bene riding the 03 as 02 all year.

Ferrys bike is built to get under the Guidelines

Where is Vegas anyway? Have not seen any posts in awhile....

[ July 28, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

Hey Ego, I've been out riding all weekend, what about you??? :)

Bikes been down for repair so I have been doing hunny doo's all weekend

Just put the bike back together and am now cleaning me Office.

I am riding Tuesday :)

Pluss if she cathes me playing Games on the PC she will kill me, Im supposed to be cleaning up my Papers I have all over the place.

I keep telling her it is my way of keeping track, I dont need no file system, its the pile system

[ July 28, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

i heard ferrys bike is a 6 speed

"i heard ferrys bike is a 6 speed"

you heard wrong!

Like Oh-My-GAD

Tell me its not true

I just got used to the 4 speed idea

Ahhh Geez Im gonna get a cannondale now :)

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