Chain replacement?

I own a '04 YZ450F completly stock

i have already moved my rear tire back as far as it goes and now would like to know if i should just take a link out of the chain or should i just give in and pay for a new chain. I have no problem paying for a chain but just wondering what is the best kind to get? I have heard O-ring chains take away some power? probably little if any

i ride mostly on some trails, never really in bad mud

i ride few times a year in the sand dunes and maybe a few practices at the MX tracks

any imput helps thanks in advance

and if you can recommend a good chain to me, please indicate the best/cheapest place to purchase it at

thanks again for the help :devil::thumbsup:

If your chain is that worn then chances are your sprockets are too. Don't put a new chain on very worn sprockets or you will wear out the new chain quickly. If you feel that your chain and sprockets are still safe then remove a link and ride those sprockets until they are dead, then buy a full chain/sprocket set. My advice for new sprockets is to get a set of steel sprockets and an x-ring chain. That will keep you going for a very long time. If weight is an issue, then get some of the light weight steel sprockets, such as the Ironman sprockets .

If your running the stock chain get rid of it now before you ride that bike !!!!! The stock chain will break...if you have gotten this far consider yourself lucky and ditch it quickly!

go o(or X) ring, especially if you ride in the sand. I'm sure 99% or riders can afford to loose that minute amoung of HP that an o ring chain consumes, especially on a bike like the 450. Also bear in mind that the position of the rear axle makes a slight difference on how the bike behaves. All the way forward = shorter wheelbase = turns faster but less stable at speed and harder to keep the front wheel down.

I went with a did X-ring. One adjustment in 6 months.


sweet guys thanks for all the input...

i think i will head out to my local shop and pick up a new chain... sprockets look pretty good with small wear on the outsiides of the teeth

the actual teeth look good still

thanks again for everything :thumbsup:

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