Wadded it up bigtime!

Well guys I broke my beloved 650R! Just put my new Edelbrock on it too! I was doing a couple laps around my course, layed way over left in a fifth gear sweeper when BLAMMO! All of the sudden me and the bike are parellel to the ground for about 30 feet and then we hit tumble and finally stop after 100 yards or so. Helmet's twisted, knees hurt, a couple of cuts, but otherwise self-inventory checks out. Put my bike up on the sidestand, look down at my left footpeg and it's bent up? Hmmm. Well it turns out I hit a rock that was on the edge of the trail, obliterated it. It was sticking up about 6 inch or so. I hit it perfect enough to shear my frame on the lower cradle right where it attachs to the footpeg and crossmember to the right side lower cradle.

After going through the initial signs of shock, disbelief, etc. I'm now at acceptance. My question is: Have any of you guys had any luck "repairing" these frames? Like I said this is not a crack, it's missing material. It would have to be cut, cleaned up and rewelded. Possible? With frame prices at $1600 or so I don't know what to do. Just getting by on a firemans salary. Don't know if I should part it out and move on or try to fix and sell it. What do you guys recommend? Thanks, Lee

Without a picture I could not say for sure but I would bet a good fabrication shop could fix it up like it never happened. You might need a fresh coat of paint aferwards but that would be it. It certanly does not sound like a new frame is required. My $.02


The frame is junk - don't even think about repairing it.

I see 650R frames go for $300 - $400 on Ebay.

Be thankful your ok but your frame is not.

Thanks guys. Anyone else have any thoughts on frame repair?

www.servicehonda.com sells them for $925. A picture is worth 1,000 words. If you are really concerned about it think about what is at stake - your life!

Thanks for the link T-daddy.

Service Honda is great ! I have ordered hundreds of engine parts from them and they got every part right and got to them to me quickly. Once an order of mine got held up for one part they couldnt get, when I called they guy sent out my order next day shipping. They didnt charge me for the shipping and refunded me what I had paid for normal ground shipping. I cant say enough good about these people :thumbsup:

5 th gear, damn :thumbsup: ! Thump is so right, If I ever crash going that fast and am able to walk away, I would consider my self damn lucky and not feel bad about the cost of repairs :devil:

One Firefighter to another, think 4 year warranty next time you buy an XR. With it, it would be fixed for free. Otherwise, replace the frame most likely from your description.

Stephen :thumbsup:

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