rekluse question

:awww: im having problems with my z start clutch.

here is what happened......

i was at a race on my 2003 yz450, during practice my clutch started slipping and the bike would rev when i throttled it.

i pulled into the pits and removed the external perch adjuster and removed the z start clutch and installed my stock setup, the clutch pack looked fine and it worked great. the next day i re installed the z start check my installed gap to be .035 and installed my expernal perch adjuster with the light spring. everything worked great. that was 2 races ago, now it is slipping again. what could be causing this??



-when you say slipping, it just lets out and doesen't move at all, or moves very little with the engine wailing?

-how many gaskets are you using for your clutch cover?

(should be 3 and/or a revised throwout depending on your date of purchase)

-is your actuator arm moving to and fro when you get on the throttle?

-it sounds like you checked the gap when installed but not after running it and break-in, is this correct? if so - might want to give it a check now and verify it's still at spec, and repeat (I checked mine a few times and found I warped/glazed the steels). If it's changing or alternating, you likely have worn/warped clutch parts. It wouldn't be so noticeable with the manual clutch but with the tolerance the z-s has it might be.

-you are ending the pack with two friction discs followed by the z-s unit right?

Gotta admit I'm lost by this one, but hopefully it's something simple :thumbsup:

A couple of important things

1: Did you do the 03 Clutch Fix?

If you did the 03 fix by adding the two items as per instructs. These only say the WR only, But this must be done of the Clutch mod was doen and you added these two parts. These will cause exactly whatyou are experiancing

6. WR 450 only: Remove the clutch boss spring form the bottom of your clutch pack. This will require

you to pull out your entire clutch pack, but keep it in order because once you’ve removed the clutch

boss spring you need to re-insert your clutch pack.

Note: The clutch boss spring consists of two rings, one bevel shaped and one flat, that locate

in the inner diameter of the bottom friction disk. You must remove both rings.

2: There is a missing item in the Install Manual

After completing my first ride, as instructed by the install manual, I recalibrated my gap. This required me to add a second Rekluse supplied steel plate. As a result the bike had terrible clutch drag at idle. So much so, I had to use the front break to keep if from drifting away. Obviously I felt this was a problem, so I called Rekluse support. Net, net, the problem was due to a missing instruction in the manual that should have told me to loosen and move the clutch cable bracket forward so it would provide additional room for the spring and allow the clutch actuator arm to fully disengage. As was, the spring was getting in the way of allowing the clutch actuator arm to completely release (move forward). Once I made this correction, the bike now freely rolls when in gear…not as freely as when in neutral, but close. For reference the revision version of installation guide I have is dated 021704.


--you are ending the pack with two friction discs followed by the z-s unit right?

The 450 instructions state the following:

Step 7: "Remove the top 3 friction discs and top 3 steel drive plates. Stack one Rekluse .055 drive plate on

top of the friction disk still in your bike followed by a friction disk. Next, stack two Rekluse .055

drive plates together on top of the previously installed friction disc followed by a friction disk. See

following picture.

Note: At this point you will have 1 stock friction disk, and 3 stock drive plates removed from you clutch


Where did you get your instructions. Is this a misprint in the instructions?


where did you get your instructions. Is this a misprint in the instructions?


No, mistype on my part - sorry, seems to be my thing lately. You should be ending with a friction, and two steels under it, as stated...

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