WR400 Dual Sport or...

Hey guys, im looking into selling my KTM 125SX for somthing im am going to use alot more, a nice dual sport. Im looking at XR's and WR's. How is the 2001 WR400 on and off road? I can't afford a new one, so Id like an 01 or 02. Is the WR a good bike for dual sport? I am 6'2 so is it going to be too short for me? Thanks for your help... :thumbsup:

the 01 is a 426. It is best for tall riders, so it will be good for you. It is not a street bike, so use it for street rides less than 25mi. My WR ix s street legal but it is not very good on the road.

The 01 426 is a great bike to dual sport... It is a tough and reliable offroader, thin, powerfull, great suspension, not too heavy...

On the road, you have too problems: the wind and the wind. But you are going to have this exact same problem with most dual sport bikes.

The stock seat is not what we could call comfy... buy yourself a guts racing seat. While you are at it, you may want to buy a larger fuel tank. Buy the YZ model from Acerbis, Clarke or IMS, fit it on your WR and buy the fitting seat. The guts is more comfy than the stock and the YZ tank-seat combo gives a better feeling. I don't have it myself but I met a guy who does and I plan to do it on my bike since.

thanks guys...about the '01 426...you said it is thinner and weighs less, does it have a differnt chassis? I plan on doing less than 25 mile rides, just around town, hitting the high-T's then back to streets. Is the 426 noticably more powerful? And why did Yamaha drop the 400 for the 426? Sorry about so many bad ?'s but I like to know as much as possible about somthing before I buy it...Thanks again :thumbsup:

Just wanted to say it feels thinner to my opinion than other 4xx enduro thumpers. I don't know why such changes in the displacement with years...

The chassis is the same as the 400 if I remember correctly but the bike is a little it more powerful stock... but depending on the mods you do, you can easily have a super 400!

The 400 used to be a displacement limit in European Enduro competion. The 00 400 and 01 426 are basically the same bike. The 426 is supposed to have a little more lowend power, I dunno it feel the same to me.

The bigger difference was between the 99 and 00 when Yamaha changed the frame and carb. Still any 4xx yammie hauls.

As long as you don't ride it on the highway where you must go 75+ It'll be tolerable on the road.

As long as you don't ride it on the highway where you must go 75+ It'll be tolerable on the road.

Why not? I ride mine in that range every day when commuting :awww:. I have almost 4k miles (99% on road) and still have had no issues with riding it on road.

The longest road trip I went on was from New Orleans, LA to Pensacola, FL. We were riding with some sport bikes and the pace was between 75-85mph for quite a few long stretches (15-20 min). I just had to do some stand up wheelies to give my :thumbsup: a break from the seat :devil:.

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