WR's not legal in the forest

I was just on the phone to Joe Myer, the OHV cordinator, at the Big Bear(California.)Ranger Station. He sounds like he on our side, however he claims our street legal WR's are not on the AQMD's list of green sticked bikes. Joe understands that the DMV considers our bikes street legal, but stated the rangers can issue citations for riding in the forest with our green stickers or street plates during the red sticker restricted months. I call the district 37 dual sport cordinator and he confirmed that WR's, according AQMD, are consider red sticker bikes even if the DMV issued green stickers. I asked Joe Myer if the rangers are issuing citations, warnings or ignoring the sticker situation. Joe claims because of the confusion most rangers are ignoring the sticker situation, but they can cite us if they want. Joe said if the ranger does not like something we a doing or our attitude they can use their green sticker list of bikes and issue a citation. I saw the list of red sticker bikes and at the top of the page it said bikes with VIN numbers containing a C or 3 in the digit are red sticker and then it counterdicted it's self by listing the WR's as red sticker regards if we had a 3 or C.

I think this situation is completely out of control. The idea of a ranger arbitrarily diciding who can ride and who doesn't is absurd. Does anyone have any input or ideas on how to fight this issue? I think it will only become worse.

I am new to this forum and sorry if I sound like I am preaching doom and gloom. I have learned a learned about WR's for you guy.

Well, if I'm not mistaken, none of the new motocross 4-strokes are on the "approved" green sticker list (YZF, CRF). So, from the beginning of the red-sticker implimentation, no WR's should have gotten the sticker in the first place (along with the rest). However, depending on what DMV you go to and the person who helps you, there is a chance they give you a green sticker accidentally (both my YZF and CRF have greens). But mind you, it is a mistake. So, they actually should be ticketing you. Now, for the first ticket, I'm sure you could fight it on the grounds that "you thought you had a green sticker" and that'd probably fly. But that excuse would only work once. As for it being out of control, it really isn't; it's California law (which is out of control in itself, but thats something else). Just be aware that you may have to put up some cash if you try and sneak your "green sticker" WR into a park during green sticker only season. :)

ive talk to a couple ranger about red sticker situation.none of them said they would be trying randomly checking riders bikes in forest.as a matter of fact they really didnt like red sticker law themselves.as far as i could tell the only reason they would be citing riders for red stickers is because person was breaking other ohv regulations.they dont stop responsible riders so they would not know if their bike is red or green stickered.i myself would not want to risk chance of being caught on red sticker bike during the closed season.there's always a chance you'll get ranger in bad mood or greenie lover.i have 98wr CA.street licensed bike it doesn't have a "3"or"C" in vin #.i ride areas you are referring too.ive never been stop or even questioned regarding bikes registration and im not really concerned with it.to get ca. license plate bike must meet ca. and federal emmisions standards and must be inspected by chp or lighting inspection station.the form used during this inspection had box that said " meets ca. and federal emmisions standards."and chp checked this box.dmv verified form was properly endorsed before i was issued plate.so unless ranger can actually give me a smog test during time of citation i will not sign ticket or even except citation from him.unless ca.dmv revokes license plate[by mail before time of infraction and issues a red sticker for my wr there is no way i can be fined or legally cited.the state has already accepted fees and issued license plate.national forest and state park ohv recreation areas are open to all green stickered and Ca.licensed vehicles.i think it would be grounds for lawsuit against state of california for taking my money and issuing ca.plate.if this is truely a law they are the ones that are guilty of crime.charging fee for false registration. i think that would be considered fraud.

I second that.

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