Seat for passenger BRPL

I carry a passenger alot and wanted to remove the tool bag and extend the seat in that area so it is more comfortable for my passenger any suggestions? BRPL:excuseme:

How 'bout removing the tools and filling the bag w/heavy foam ? :thumbsup:

Becarefull about putting alot of weight that far back. That sub-frame back there is not desinged to hold alot. Also the handeling of the bike will get a little wierd with weight that far back. The front end is already light at speed.

Just a couple of things to keep in mind. :thumbsup:

Two things to make your passenger more comfy,swap the footpegs side for side and make a foam pad to fit in the tool pouch. The pad in the pouch explains itself, the footpeg swap is easy, unbolt the footpeg brackets from the frame and bolt them onto the opposite side of the motorcycle. Remove the footpegs from the bracket and turn upsidedown so it flips up and locks down, makes the peg position so much better you wonder why Honda didn't do it.

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