White Brothers E-Series - S-Bend or ProMeg.

According to the WhiteBrothers catalog, the E-series S-bend silencer is more for a better low end and the ProMeg is for better mid to top end.

So my question is this:

Do you think it would be better to get the low end pipe to compensate for the lack of low end response? ..or.. Would it be better to accentuate the qualities the 426 already has with the mid and top end pipe? We know that the 426 screams in the top end, so wouldnt that just make it screem more??

What are your thoughts on the e-series pipes. I like how they are tunable with the discs, and them not being ridiculously long is a plus, are they good? I need to have a spark arrestor and though it would just be better to go with the whole pipe than spend $150 for just an end cap. My price range is under $300.

What would you prefer between the E-series Promeg, S-bend... or .. FMF PowerCoreIV with SA.

- And Why?

I look at it this way now,

In Calif its all about Noise (aka db levels)

The WB pipes are notoriuos for noise levels (The Loadest Pipes)

Eventually all OHV's wil be sound checked, its coming to a neighborhood nearst you.

The other thing is. All pipes are relitivly the same, some do low end, some mid some top end performance gains.

Its a matter of Noise to me. Personally, I dont think 95% of us use the bike to its potential anyway, so adding a pipe is just a matter of what brand you like...

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I have both pipes, An S-Bend on my WR and a Pro meg on my YZ....Honestly they both feel solid on the bottom end. Jetting has just as much to do with Low en torque as does the pipe.

Bonzai :)

I have the e-series with the tapered head pipe. It definantly helps on low end and mid range. I have found that mine sems to perform the best for me with all the disk in and sparkarester installed. Look on E-bay, I bought mine from there for $250.00 that is with headpipe.

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