seperating stearing head stem from lower triple clamp

How do I (or should I) remove the steering head stem from the lower triple clamp on a YZ400F to replace it with a new lower clamp?

The best way is with a press. Just put the unit in the press like you would in the bike and press the stem DOWN through the bottom clamp. There is a retainer clip and if you press it up, you will break the lip on the stem.


yea, I tried it with a hammer and it didn't budge. Thing must really be seated in there. Will I need a press to get it back on the new lower triple clamp. Anything else to watch out for while doing the job?

There are a couple of things to watch for. Always press the stem down only, it will take a press. Also drop a bolt in the hole of the stem so the pressure from the press pushes on the stem and doesnt mushroom the threads. When reassembling freeze the stem and heat the lower right before reinstalling. It shrinks the stem and expands the lower. Use a little anti seize on the lower part of the stem to help it fit in. AND if you do mess up the stem (which you might of already done with the hammer) Emig racing sells just the stem for 75.00. Yamaha doesnt sell them seperately. Dont ask me how I know! :devil: It will make plenty of creaking popping noises on the way in and out. :thumbsup: Take the nut off before doing any of this or at least screw it past the top of the stem. The press will pop the threads right off of the stem if it is pushing on the nut and not the top of the stem. :awww:

I tried removing that lower bearing too. WHAT A PAIN. I gave up and took it to a dealer. I don't have no stinkin press. I think it cost me 20 bucks.


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