Standard, O-ring, or X-ring???????

It's time for me to get new sprockets and a chain. The big question is, what kind of chain do I get? I'm pretty sure that anything is going to be better than this stock piece of crap that I've been using!! Most of the riding that I do is in the sand, but I never shy away from a good mud hole. :):D

Very easy answer.

Go with a DID X-Ring gold chain.

Best chain on the market. It will hold up as long or longer than any other I have seen.

I think they are a just a tad bit more expensive too but Im not sure about that....

I just bought the DID ERT gold chain (non x ring) and a Stealth sprocket. I have to finish lacing and truing my front rim and Im going to install them this week. I'll let you know how they work out. The sprocket has an aluminum center (like 5 or 6 spokes) and it riveted to a stainless steel tooth wheel. At least it looks really cool...the center aluminum spokes are anodized gold and the teeth are black....should look cool with the gold chain...we'll see how they hold up.


I second the nod for the DID x-ring. They are about $70 from Rocky Mountain. Do a search on "x-ring" for previous posts about it as well as tips for installing it easily.

I vote for the DID ERV-2 xring. It's been wearing like iron for me. It is a bit pricy ($120 at the local shop, less online I'm sure, hey I wanted to go riding!!) but the stretch is almost non existant. When this one finally wears out I'm getting the same one again!

I suggest going with the X ring. Put it on and never, never, never, look at your chain again. :)

The DID x-ring is the only way to go! I installed mine a little tight expecting it to stretch. After several rides the chain was just as tight as when I installed it, had to loosen it up. Save yourself the hassle of adjusting your chain every ride and go with the x-ring, you won't be disappointed. Good Luck...

When I bought the YZ426 in 2000, I through away the stock chain and put on an RK X-ring chain

its still there!


DID X-ring all the way!

I had the RK X-ring on mine. It works great. You wont be sorry if you buy either the RK or the DID.

After shredding my stock sprocket in 2 days, I bought a minus-1 tooth front sprocket, and a plus 1 rear sprocket from renthal, then put a Tsubaki 0-ring 520 on myne (I know...Tsubaki=cheapo). Surprisingly, the Tsubaki stretched once, and I haven't had to mess with it again!!! I race MX 3 times a month, with 6-hour practices on Wednesdays and any Sundays that we don't have races. The sprockets aren't having TOO much of a problem yet...after 5 months, but the rear is starting to show a hint of wear on the pressure-faces. The only thing I do is spray WD-40 on my chain after every ride, and on Saturday nights, when I'm getting ready for sunday, I heat the chain up moderately (put it in 3rd on the stand, and let her eat during my fuel system testing, until the chain has *some* heat to it...obviously not as much as racing would generate, but enough to heat up the 0-rings...I think) and put some good chain lube on it. It still looks like new.

my $.02

The 'hopper'

PS...this is MY personal, methodical, almost insane way of making myself feel that my chain is lubed and well-taken care of...I might be doing it COMPLETELY wrong...but it hasn't bitten me in the last 6 years I've been doing it. Take everything I post with a grain of salt.

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