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What bike is this?

Harry Freddo

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Hi, I’ve had this in my garage for quite some time and don’t know what model it is?

trying to find some numbers like vin and engine. All I can find is “Pat. Appen Pend” maybe patent pending? It is a Honda but not sure what. It has this engraving on the side plastic but can’t make it out. Any idea what it could be?

any help will be appreciated ED6BC934-0A85-425C-BB70-BC2E8A6CAC8E.thumb.jpeg.256967cef81749a6ea3d1902e159d8f5.jpeg1B2D3C4A-82D1-479C-A350-F4B2C7F31B4C.thumb.png.994b7699217e75ad715f6fe1ed17aab9.png78C435EF-FA37-40C6-8D0F-3A8A3EB7D2AA.thumb.png.a72fb8a039a995883610336cdd003507.png

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Yeah...it's a Frankenbike. Definitely not an SL70: they did not have external springs on their forks, the tank is the wrong shape, and as BR pointed out, the frame does not have the cradle of the SL. The sidecovers look like they are from another bike, the shock absorbers look like they are off an early Honda roadbike, and that exhaust:??? It could have started life as an MR50...the tank looks more like that and the MR did not have a cradle frame...someone might have shoehorned a 4 stroke engine into it...

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5 minutes ago, Wendy P said:

SLs didn't have the sub trans like I see in picture 2. So the engine has to be from a CT 90.  As stated, look for a serial number under the shift lever.

You might be right about the engine Wendy. Those early CT90's had an externally selectable dual range gearbox. Can't recall the pat. pending stamp though

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Actually, the early CT's had a accessory gear on the rear hub and an extra length of chain.  As for the clutch cable, the motor may have been off a CT that was converted to the clutch system, which is on the crankshaft, or they may have swapped the standard four speed tranny out of a standard S90 for one from a CT with the sub trans.  Also the intake is rather strange looking as well.

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18 hours ago, ThumpaGreg said:

It's not Mate. I have a '75 XR, and the tank does not have the flange at the front that slopes up (near the steering stem). Have a look at some online images of an MR50 and you'll see the resemblance.

I stand corrected, I could not find the pictures of the one I had.

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