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Good enduro bike for road use

Josh Rides

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Hi guys, I am approaching the age where I could Get my road bike license And I am looking for some advice on what to buy. I have ridden Dirt bikes since I can remember but have never ridden any enduro bikes so I am not aware of whether the power is much different etc. in terms of what bike to get there r a few quite cheap Kawasaki kdx 200 in my area but my dad tells me 2 strokes are harder to manage on the road, but then on the other end of the spectrum if I was to get a 4 stroke I would get a 450 so I could putt along easier than on a 250 if I was ever to go on a long trip but dad used to have a wr426 Yamaha and he said that on the road they are just as bad to manage and that he always got bad arm pump on longer rides so at the moment I’m just confused because I don’t know what bike would suit me. Any advice is appreciated.


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can you better describe your intended usage?  How much road or asphalt miles?  Are the road miles just to connect from trail to trail?  What is the dirt/asphalt split?

When you say Enduro bike, I am thinking of high performance dirt bikes that you are able to convert to a plated bike (or come street legal e.g. Street Legal Dirt Bikes offered by KTM, Husky and Beta).

What might a typical ride look like as far as time and miles spent on dirt and asphalt?  How capable does the bike need to be offroad?

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Some rides will be exclusively in asphalt for two hours or more so I’d probably get a 17 inch wheel set and put some better suited rubber on them but I will still use the bike for trails and maybe even occasional  track work because I was going to get a motocross bike but my dad said that I am better off getting something that I could ride on the road as well. So with that said yes I would be looking for a bike that doesn’t need conversion. Also, for sale in my area is a really nice wr426 that literally looks like new for really cheap but is a 450 too much? In my mind I am leaning towards a 450 because it would make it a little bit easier to overtake with the extra power and also not have to rev the ring out of it when I’m constantly doing 100km/h (60 mph I think)

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