Rear Tire flat, new one, any suggestions??

What's up fellas,

Well rode about 6 hours yesterday to pick up a 99 400f from a guy in PA. that came down and met me and my bud. Bike was in good shape and my friend is very satisfied! I have turned over 2 friends to 4 strokes in the past 3 weeks and found both of the bikes right here on TT. Man what a great website!!

Now the reason for this post is cuz we went riding last night in the 90 degree heat and after about 5 laps I noticed azzend was sliding all over the place. Well wouldn't you know it but a flat. Hope I did not hurt the wheel riding on the flat. Any thoughts on that? Well I am gonna go ahead and replace the tire considering it is the same tire that came with it when I bought it. It has lasted pretty good for about 50-60hrs I guess. What do you recommend to go with the stock front that is still in great shape?? Go back with the same, go with the new Maxxis? any other opinions? Thanks, guys! Frank :)

come on guys, i know you are on Ego, what about you Vegas, what are you guys runnin? I ride mostly hard pack track occasional rain shower makes it choppy but mostly dusty loose conditions. What about that new Maxxis? Frank :)


Currently I have the Dunlop 576 front and back. Once I got the pressure correctthey seem to be wearing good. Although they are wearing fast.

I ride hard pack at the hills mostly deep dust :)

I have been looking at the Perelli's though for next year, but just may stick with the 756.

I think it was dirt bike not sure maybe MXA two months back had a shoot out on the top 10 tires. May want to look that up. or if some one has it post the article.....

Thanks Ego,

I am currently looking through my Parts Unlimited Catalogue and looking at my different options, I really like the way the stock tire felt so I might go back with that, but dam it is like 85 bucks my cost. I ran a maxxis c6001 int. terrain on my KX250 and that thing lasted forever cuz it is so hard, but it did not corner very well at all. I want to go with a 120-90-19 whatever tire I go with. I shouldn't have a problem getting that to mount without rubbing should I. I remember someone saying that they have mounted a 120 and as long as your chain is not brand new it will mount without rubbing. I also notice that Dunlop makes the 739 in an intermediate but also makes it just for the 4 stroke which I am assuming what we all have stock. That is not offered in a 120 though, hmmmm, I am leaning towards the regular 739 in a 120 I think. Any other suggestions guys? Thanks, Frank

Track or trail, the Michellins are going right by me. I usually run the M12 up front and the S12 in the rear.

I'm trying the S12 this time around, but haven't had any saddle time on it yet.

I ride every kind of terrain, and pretty much never complain about my tires unless they are very worn out.

They wear just as good as other tires in my opinion, maybe a little faster than the stock 739s did.


Well I am gonna give the michelin m12 a try in the 120-80-19 size. It is a great looking tire and for 25 bucks cheaper I am sure it will be worth it. Thanks for the input guys. Frank

Frank...get the 130/19..the sizing on all of the "s-h-m12's are funky...the only Michelin's that are sized regularly are the Starcross models..again the 130 is the closest to say a 110 Dunlop...


Dont forget Mich has "2" sizings.

Stamped on the tire is the Euro sizing

The yellow sticker is the American/Japanese sizing , we here in the States are used to.

A yellow 130 is more like a 110 I think

The 120 would be like putting a 125 tire on your Thumper!!! :)

See now what would I have done without all of you knowledgeable riders out there. I will be getting both tires tomorrow now since I had already order the 120. Is anyone runnin that 130 tire, just curious how it performs.(m12) I will let you know as soon as I find out, hopefully will get it mounted tomorrow and ride tom. evening. Rock Hucker hope you sell that bike it sure doesn look nice. Thanks again guys, Frank

fastfrank, glad to hear tig was happy with the bike. let me know more as he acclimates.

you do go wheelies, especially in sandles!!!

130 is the correct size. I was worried about that when I ordered it too on my M12, but the yellow sticker on my 130 say 110 equlivalent. I have had my M12 for two rides now and it is a great tire. It is a little slippery on the dry stuff, but very predictable. I am able to dirt track it around some of the corners and keep up my speed. In the clay and mud it is great, a lot better than the old 739 in all conditions. I have about 8 hours on it and it show no wear at all. Good tire.

Oregon thumper,

Yes I agree this is a great tire, I have two rides on it and I must say that it grips really well. I ride in hard pack dirt but with a lot of loose dust 2-3 inches deep in places. I haven't had the back end even twitch yet. I am pushing so hard with this tire that the front is washing out when I go hard through a turn. Great tire, recommend it to anyone just wish it was really the size of a 130 or 120 but it will do for now. Frank

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