Seat cover installation !!!!

anybody else having problems with the installation ?? I tried using a normal arrows stapler gun and it doesn`t quite do the job. I bought a factory fx cover which is gripper on top and some type of plastic on the sides. I had no problem running the staples in where there was the gripper material but for the plastic my gun doesn`t seem to drive the staples in far enough....there is also a few places where i can`t reach with the gun... any suggestions? I`m thinking maybe rent an electric stapler which has some type of beak that could get into deeper part of the seat.

Any suggestion would be appreciated



I just installed the Guts seat. Luckily I had a neighbor who had an air staple gun. That worked great because I could adjust the pressure. The other options were to take it to an upolstry shop and have someone do it for me or ship it back to Guts.

I know I havn't been much help, but you are not alone. :)


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A cheapo $30 electric stapler should do the trick! I covered two seats this year with good success. I've used it it in many other household applications-may just behoove you to buy, not rent the gun...

P.S. It REALLY helps if you have someone assisting you. One person stretches while another staples. Push down hard on the staple gun.

I left my cover and the seat out in the sun for an hour or so before I did it and let it get warm. That made it go on much nicer and softened up the material a little so stretching it was easier (no wrinkles) and the staples went through the plastic bottom a little easier.



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What are you, YELLOW?

Take it to an auto upholstery shop.

They'll do a great job and only cost $10-20


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