storm linkage

How good does the storm linkage work? I rode the crf and found it to handle much better but that is all I liked about it. I need some info thanks :thumbsup:

It will make your 450 turn like a 250 2smoke. It is well worth the $ :thumbsup:


I got the Storm Linkage in hopes that it would allow me to rail berms and ruts the way I used to on my 125 (or closer at least). Well, I was amazingly impressed with how much better it let me turn. I used to drag the handlebars on my 125 through some nice berm corners and I was able to lean my 450F over nearly this far after the storm linkage.

It also doesn't affect high speed stability like running your forks at different heights can do. In my opinion, one of the best mods I have done.

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