Header Dent Removal?

Has anyone had success with removal of a pretty big header ding?

Sent mine to Pacific Crest Pipe Repair and had great success. I have been told that you can heat them up and put air pressure in them, but I think PC only charged me 40-50 sheckels. Fast turn around and awesome work!!rekless :thumbsup:

Check you post in the General Forum Answer there :thumbsup:

Go to your local shop and talk to the service guys. Many times they put aftermarket pipes on bikes and they have a stock pipes laying around. I did this for a friend and slipped the guy a twenty and we were both happy. :thumbsup: By the way. The stock pipe to a YZF Quad fits a WR.

I do not recommend repairing the Titanium headers on the 03's or 04's. The SS headers on earlier models can be repaired. I went thru 4 Ti headers due to heat cycle fatigue. :thumbsup:

Gotta agree. Pacic Coat did a great job on my pipe as well. Can't even tell it was dented and it cost less than $50.

I went thru 4 Ti headers due to heat cycle fatigue.


So, what happened to them after they were fatigued from heat-cycling? Did they crack or break? :thumbsup:

They collapse and have no strength at all. It is like you can throw a small rock up at it and it buckles with the smallest insignificant ping. After spending over $1000. on headers in the last year, I have determined to switch to the SS 426 header even though it is slightly thicker wall the O.D. is the same. I have the SS header ready to go when this one collapses. I am surprised no one else has picked up on this. I do ride quite a bit so I get to see the results cycle more often. I am not the only rider I have seen this happen to a few 03's already that I was with and they were shocked at my spare parts inventory. I carry just about everything. :thumbsup:

Good to know, Indy. My header actually has about five, fairly good-sized dings in it. Maybe I'll keep my eyes open for a 426 SS. :thumbsup::devil:

I now understand why some companyes offer SS for enduro :thumbsup:

Good info fellas!

the gytr catalog has a SS header for our 450'S. it looks like a white bros. and the heat shield bolts on. one ti header was enough for me. a little over a hundred bucks.

purchased a FMF power bomb (SS) for me. the fit is great. and the exhaust is little bit quieter. plus the header is a little bit farther away from the oil filter cover and the water pump housing. Oh yeah, my Ti header was dinged in about a third of the way.

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