Taller seat for 98 yz400

Has anyone used a taller seat on their yz and how much taller are they than a stock seat? Who makes them?

I'm using Ceet's tall seat foam and non slip cover. It's about an inch taller, I'm 6'3" so it works out perfectly for me. It is on the firm side. You'll probably want to go with taller bars also.

I've tried N-Style's foam, pretty soft, and am now using a tall Moose/SDG seat. Not quite as tall as the N-Style foam, and not as grippy as their Gripper cover.

Overall I really like the Moose seat's Goldilocks effect: not grippy enough to Monkey-Butt you but not slick like a stocker; not too firm but not too soft. It is just right.

Also, at a hundred bucks complete is cheaper than buying a cover and foam (good luck getting the stock cover to fit over taller foam) and you don't have to go through the considerable trouble of installation.

Hope this helps.

Im calling descrimination! All the talk about HIGH foam. The question should be:

When are they going ot come out with LOW foam for the "vertically challenged" like me. (5'7") An extra inch goes a long way when you can barely touch as it is.

Hey Yak, Isn't it terrible that what you are looking for is in short supply.

Haha... I get it. Nice pun.

Lower the pegs. i am 6,2 and tried both. the taller seat made me feel off balance and i crashed all over the place in the woods. for tight stuff it sucks. for desert ridding and . being able to stand up it is nice. i would lower your pegs. that works better.

Could'nt resist

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