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1999 cr 125 want idle

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You want the tab of the float to just touch the foat needle. You also want to clean the seat so that the float valve won't stick (yours might not be removable so use some polish (I used Brasso) on a Q Tip in a drill and move it around). I'd use a OEM float valve too if you can get it.

Float height_01.png

Float height_02.png

Cleaned seat inner_01.jpg

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44 minutes ago, Ktm12345 said:

What’s the seat 

It's the part shown in the last pic, where the fuel inlet needle 'seats' and (hopefully) tightly seals off fuel supply not to overfill/overflow the bowl.

Don't neglect that floats can also loose some of their buoyancy (ability to float) with age and usage,

if it's seen more than 4-5 seasons of use, preventively replacing it can save you from headaches/chasing your tail trying to fine tune the jetting.

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