Old bike carb question

I bought a 88 XR600 used that did not run recently and I tore it apart and finally got it running. I found the carb to be the main issue with why it would not run. First I cleaned it out and then started agusting the jets. I finally got the bike to idle without stalling and could open the throttle completely without out a stalling problem by lowering the needle. However, I do notice that when I put on full throttle some black smokes escapes the exhaust and it is idling a little high. Also I notice, in first gear, I feel like it is not reaching full power, but a little sluggish. What should I do to fix this? Should I lower the needle one more notch or mess with the pilot screw?

And speaking of which, let me see if I have my terms correct. The main jet is the one with the needled comeing down the middle, the pilot jet is the screw that can be adjusted when the carb is on the bike, and I think the last is an idle get, smaller jet next to the main jet (is has little holes like the main jet). Is this correct? And what can I do with these three to get my bike running better? Thanks.

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