Was just told of ne Calif Legislation on DB

He E.G.O. if you put Harley stickers on it they will tell you "sure is quiet for a harley"


Putting Hardley stickers on a Yamaha is an INSULT

Does that mean they are not letting people in, or are they just "checking"?

I was just on the phone with the rangers at Hollister Hills trying to find out about researving the GP Track.

They informed me that there is now until Dec 31st 2002 Mandatory sound chk at Hollister, Clear Creek, Prarie City and others 101db.

Starting Jan 1st 2003 the new level for bikes built after 1986 "YES 1986"is 96db. I am moving to a third world country....

This pissed me off to no end, I am almost pissed enough to get a bunch of guys to Sac-a-tomatoes and back up or yz's to the capitol and rev the piss out of em.

I was in San Juan Batista last night and some dip wad on a freaking Wobbly Ableson came by with straight pipes revving the crap out of it. The Bike actually hurt my ears and some others that were standing there.

BTW I am totally pissed off, sorry if I off

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Move to Texas!

I said a 3rd world country

Hey wait I can move in with Motoman :)

His mom makes great pancakes he says


The lil rangers (jr rangers) tell me they are allowing people in still, weekdays are not checked at all. I have not been there on a weekend (To Many Yahoo's) lately but they tell me they have turned obvious bikes away.

But this is the last month for Volunteer chk Aug 1st they start kicking you out...

Per the ranger I spoke with, they are forced Aug 1st to enforce it by the lawsuit last year.

Ya know this brings up a real good point!

Our riding rights are being trampled on and no one seems to think it’s affecting him or her. California is the start of something that once embedded here it will manifest itself in other states.

We need to as responsible riders and enthusiasts, really make a point to be mindful of the land use. We are under a microscope in the Hills here.

Hollister Hills was an experiment that was meant to fail some 10 + years ago. Becouse of the Hills association and the members as well as those that volunteer there, have made Hollister Hills the Poster child for OHV parks.

I remember the hills from 20 years back and believe me its far better today then it was then. Park management and land control has restored allot of areas that were once totally destroyed by us.

I love the sport, I thought I would never ride again due to my Back Injuries, but believe me this is a privilege I intend to keep. 15 years of not being able to do what you love is bad, but not being able to ride a bike becouse we did not take part in preserving the sport. That’s Bad Form........................................



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Lawsuit? What's that about?

And are you riding on the weekdays?

I may go out on Thursday, for I dare say, some fork testing.


I will be there this afternoon.

I only ride weedays for now, the weekends are just full of yahoos that just dust out the pits.

and numchucks that love to stop on blind downhills in the middle of the trail.

anyway the law suite started a few years back when the locals decided they did not like the fact the 6k more acreas were being sold to Hollister Hills. So what insued was trail Enviro Impact Surveys and so one. The law suite was lost buy the opposition so the land was sold to Hollister hills.

But the gothca was that the sound level laws must be inforced, dust levels must be inforced as well as we will be monitored by every freaking EnviroNazi in Calif.

Dust is a big worry, so for those that insist there kids have a right to spin donuts in the pits, ha-ha guess again.

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