Clear Vinyl or Grip Tape?

I just bought some Works Connection frame gaurds because I did not like the wear my boots where doing to my pretty blue frame. Unfortunately, above the guards is getting equally worn. I am thinking about putting some 16 mil clear Vinyl protective tape to stop the wear. I also see that MX catalogs offer grip tape type vinyl for protection. I guess the purpose of the grip tape guessed help grip the area better with your boots.

side note...I have the Sidi boots with the replaceable calve guards.

Has anyone used the grip tape stuff? Does it totally thrash your boots. Does it help? Any other enlightening ideas to protect the top portion of the frame...


I use 3M grip tape from Home Depot. It is 4" wide and is $1.49 per foot (I did 3 bikes with 4ft and still had some left over)

I have had it on my bike 2 months now and havent noticed any accelerated wear on my boots or pants. It does grip much better and looks cool. I will be putting some on my new 450 before I ride it because it works so well. Later,


I have been using grip tape for quite a while. I get it from a skate shop. It is pretty thick, easy to cut, and lasts a long time. Best of all it is cheap, 5 bucks.

Yea, I am using grip tape instead of frame guards. It does eat up the boots a little bit. I am using the black 3M stuff from Home Depot. Make sure you don't buy the gray 3M grip tape from Home Depot cuz it only last for 1 moto. The boots eat up the gray tape... Good Luck!


I think you need to put someof that grip tape on the seat of you pants, when you get the 4-5-0 :)

I mean I can see it now in the headlines

Local boy launches new 450 lands in New Mexico :D

Last seen with a grin as wide as Texas

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Last seen with a grin as wide as Texas

Ain't that the truth LOL

The skateboard grip tape I got from the local skate shop lasted about one minute before it came off my WC frame guards. Not enough stiction I guess.

Thankfully, after we conquered the language barrier (dude!), the guy behind the counter gave me some smaller scraps big enough for my needs, so it was a free trial.

One thing I don't like about Al frame guards is they eventually end up depositing a bunch of black oxide on your boots. And for some stupid reason I keep buying white boots.

If you ever consider using the stuff on your guards I'll offer this tip:

Don't bother trying to stencil and cut the material, just stick a piece on the guard and use a small ball-peen hammer, as if you were making a paper gasket, to "cut" the grip tape to fit exactly the edges and holes in the guards.

Hope this helps (somebody).

Got the grip tape from Home Depot. Worked great. Now I just got to stop crashing and I will be in heaven!

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